Practice Sharing

Practice Sharing (Emma Cocker, Alexander Damianisch, Lena Séraphin, Cordula Daus) — an online presentation of expanded approaches to language-based practice within the field of artistic research.
Raquel Meyers – KYBDslöjd >>>


12th november 2020
“ECOLOGÍAS. Artes, Ciencia, Tecnología, Naturaleza, Cuidados, Futuros”
Programa completo
20.30-20.45 La muerte térmica del universo. Performance de Arrate Hidalgo y Raquel Meyers.
Streaming Youtube:

Elige tu propia normalidad @ Babestu / Azkuna Zentroa

Elige tu propia normalidad / Borja Crespo & Raquel Meyers
Babestu. Convocatoria extraordinaria de apoyo a la creación Contemporánea.
Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

The Heat Death of the Universe @ 2020 Bilbao Arte Production Grant

The Heat Death of the Universe is a collaborative project by Arrate Hidalgo & Raquel Meyers based on the eponymous 1967 experimental short story by author and visual artist Pamela Zoline. The project is being developed with the support of a 2020 Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa Production Grant.
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Supernova Digital Animation Festival World on Fire 2020

September 17 – 19, 2020, Denver
————–> Inattention (2020)

Happy Teletext / 40 Jahre ARDText

1st june 2020 // Happy Teletext // 40 Jahre ARDText // Teletextkunst von Raquel Meyers
Happy 40 Teletext! From Page 630- 637

ORF TELETEXT & ARD Text trifft Kunst

29th August-19th September 2019
Page 840 // ORF Teletext & ARD Text

ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst Public Vote Award: Raquel Meyers, Nadine Arbeiter & Daniel Egg

Open Studios 2018 @ BilbaoArte

7th-18th december 2018 // Open Studios 2018 @ Bilbaoarte Fundazioa (Bilbao)
Ateak Zabalik / Puertas Abiertas

#mequedomuerta (2005-2018)

#mequedomuerta (2005-2018) exhibition
Instantaneous performance captured by any device and person available
4th-31st October 2018 @ Ambigú (Bilbao)
** Opening 4th october 2018 // 20h **

I’m here [for now] @ BilbaoArte Becas 2018

28th June 2018 // Escenas y escenarios: Jornada de puertas (entre)abiertas BilbaoArte Becas 2018

Flan con Napalm (Libros de Autoengaño)

‘Flan con Napalm’ de Borja Crespo & Raquel Meyers. Ed. Libros de Autoengaño (2018)
A5 / 96 pages / Color
Compra / Buy / Köpa:

#mequedomuerta (2006-2018)

Instantaneous Performance captured by any device and person available

HeK / Museums Night 2018 @ Keys of Fury

HeK @ Museums Night 2018

Fri, 19.01.2018, 23:00 / Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon by Raquel Meyers

To Whom It May Concern / Bilaga @ Konstmuseet (Skövde)

To Whom It May Concern – Bilaga limited editions
Konstmuseet (Skövde Kulturhus, Sweden) from 18th January till 11th march 2018.
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“NOISE” Digital Festival | Istanbul

“NOISE” Digital Festival | 12thJanuary – 17th February 2018 (Istanbul)

BilbaoArte Grants 2018

KYBDslöjd / Mecanografía expandida y artesanía digital

Raquel Meyers. Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa 2018 /

Digital Animations presented on Westin Hotel Media Facade, Denver, CO

Animations sampled are by Gregory Bennett, Peter Whittenberger, Robert Seidel, Katie Torn, Raquel Meyers, Laleh Mehran, Chris Coleman, Kendra Fleischman, Arnaud Lafond and Jan Sramek Kolouch.

SUPERNOVA Encore at the Pavillions (Denver)

11th november 2017 // SUPERNOVA Encore at the Pavillions (Denver)
Day 9 – Juror Spotlight – /

En el Exilio del Post @ CRUCE (Madrid)

26th october – 18th november 2107 // CRUCE. Arte y pensamiento contemporáneo (Madrid)
En el exilio del post, de Raquel Meyers

KYBDslöjd Workshop / She Makes Noise #03 @ La Casa Encendida

19th-20th october 2017
KYBDslöjd. Mecanografía expandida / Workshop
La Casa Encendida

Stranger Things Teletexto @ Netflix

Promo en Teletexto para Stranger Things 2 de Netflix
_¿Quieres saber cómo sigue ‘Stranger Things’? Busca en el Teletexto / Vanity Fair(2017) // spanish
_Raquel Meyers. KYBDslöjd, mecanografía expandida / inquire (2017) // spanish
_El secreto de Stranger Things que esconde la página 643 del Teletexto / VerTele! (2017) // spanish
_El teletexto alberga los misterios de la nueva temporada de ‘Stranger Things’ / hipertextual (2017) // spanish

Within The Scope Of Technology @ Husby Konsthall

7th-29th october 2017 // Within The Scope Of Technology (Husby, SE)
Frihet #5 @ Husby Konsthall / Teresa Wennberg & Raquel Meyers

Ink of Dracula – A Comic Tribute

28th october – 12th november 2107 // Ink of Dracula – A Comic Tribute @ Beldurrezko Astea – Semana Terror Donostia

5th-15th october 2017 // Ink of Dracula – A Comic Tribute
SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

FCDEP / Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris

4th-15th october 2017 // Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris.

13 oct 2017 / Jour#4 du #FCDEP2017 au cinéma Le Grand Action /
RAIN PART I – (THE OWL) / The harbinger of what is yet to come.

GIBCA / BILAGA / To Whom It May Concern

GIBCA / Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art
BILAGA limited editions / To Whom It May Concern, 26/9–1/10

Participating artists: Fadwa Attia (Alexandria), Eva Björkstrand (Malmö), Christine Clemmesen (Copenhagen/Athens), Nadya Gorokhova (St. Petersburg), Gun Holmström (Helsinki), Raquel Meyers (Bilbao), Sophy Naess (New York), Poniweck (Brussels) and Catriona Shaw (Berlin).

:STARS of SUPERNOVA at NXT STG Collaborative Gallery (Denver)

:STARS of SUPERNOVA at NXT STG Collaborative Gallery Sep 15, 2017 – Nov 11, 2017
Peter Burr, Faijaz Jafri, Raquel Meyers, Jeremy Couillard

Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival Denver

23rd september 2017 // Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival Denver
– DPAC Festival Screen / Juried Competition Program
Supernova 2017 Jurors: Faiyaz Jafri – Raquel Meyers – Peter Burr
– 14th and Arapahoe Screen / Looped reel featuring Raquel Meyers’ Artwork

22nd september 2017 // Supernova Education Forum / Auraria Library (Denver)
Peter Burr, Faijaz Jafri, Raquel Meyers, Jeremy Couillard

Residencias A Quemarropa 17

11th – 23rd july 2017 //
Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Las Cigarreras, Alicante, ES.

PETSCII Tee for Chipzel (The Yetee)

Official new Chipzel design by Raquel Meyers. the Exhibition at Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia The Exhibition
March 25 – April 15, 2017 / Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia

On February 5, 2016 the Link Art Center launched, an online archive and creative platform meant to celebrate the dada legacy in the centenary of dada’s birth, that took place in Zurich on February 5, 1916. For a year, has been a place for uninterrupted experimentation, promoting the creative reuse of digital copies of original dada artworks.

Pixel Sounds @ Campbelltown Arts Centre

11th March 2017 // Pixel Sounds @ Campbelltown Arts Centre
Artists: Dot.AY (Aus), Cyberpunk Ibis (Aus) Jamatar (Aus), Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery (Aus), Raquel Myers (Sweden), Cymba (France/UK)

Keys of Fury (extract) //

Square Sounds Melbourne 2017

3rd-5th March 2017 // Square Sounds Melbourne 2017 (Melbourne)

Danimal Cannon(US)/ Space Town (US) / ZEN ALBATROSS (US) / 2mg (JP) / CYMBA (UK/FR) / Trash80 (US) / boaconstructor (US) / KUNIO (JP) / Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery / Dot.AY / tiasu / 7bit Hero / Jamatar (MEL) / Heavy Viper (PER) / Ray Manta (ADE) (AKA Tim Koch) / (MEL) and visuals from Raquel Meyers / Cyberpunk Ibis / Busty Coastline and Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics!

Block Party 2017: Teletext is the Future

25th- 26th February 2017
The Centre for Computing History Cambridge, UK

To many, teletext is an information system, but it is also a platform for art! Teletext art was first experimented with in the 1970s, then developed throughout the ’80s and ’90s by public broadcasters. But the facility to design for teletext is now back in the hands of its original users, the general public. You are the new teletext artists!

dadarchy // (Monthly Feature, Jan 2017) Monthly Feature (Link Art Center)

33C3 (Hamburg)

27th-30th december 2016 // 33C3 (Hamburg)

Day: 2016-12-27 / Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon
Watch it at /
Kunst beim 33c3 in Hamburg, Brutal verpixelt (28th december 2016) / Angela Gruber @ spiegel online (german)
Day: 2016-12-28 / Space Flyers performance (kugg & meyers)

Empath / Corset Lore (2016)

Music / Corset Lore.From the Album ‘Graces and Furies’ (8bitpeoples)
KYBDslöjd (Drawing by Type In on C64) / Raquel Meyers (Malmö-Cartagena 2016)

Vimeo //
Youtube //

KIKK Festival (Namur)

3rd-4th november 2016 // KIKK Festival (Namur)
Lecture // KYBDslöjd. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon
Watch it here:

The Sound Quartet @ Sortie de résidence / Les Abattoirs SMAC (Bourgoin-Jallieu)

11th-12th october 2016 // SQ Residence @ Les Abattoirs SMAC (Bourgoin-Jallieu)
The Sound Quartet (Thomas Bjelkeborn & Philippe Moënne-Loccoz) feat. Nadia Ratsimandresy, Paul Pignon & Raquel Meyers.

12th october 2016 // Les Abattoirs SMAC (Bourgoin-Jallieu)
Watch video at:

13th October 2016 // “Lignes de fuite” @ l’arteppes – espace d’art contemporain (Annecy)

SUPERNOVA Outdoor Festival (Denver)

24th september 2016 // SUPERNOVA festival (Denver)

2nd Prize of $1,500 is awarded to Spanish artist Raquel Meyers for her brutalist, pixelated pursuit of drawing through typing, “Vladijenk II (The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition),” the first of two award winning works to be influenced by Russian film master Andrei Tarkovsky.
Watch it here:

Myopia for the Future (V I R T U a L D R E a M, 2016)

19th-30th september // Curator: Haydi Roket
_Myopia for the Future // immediate satisfaction (2016)
Watch it here:

Artiste en résidence au Shadok / Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2016

Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon (September 2016)
Artiste en résidence au Shadok & Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival / Video-Game and VR section exhibition curated by Esté-elle Dalleu and Arnaud Reeb.


JUMPIN’ ON BLOCKS (Malmö 2016)
Music by Mitch Wade Cole. Type In on C64 by Raquel Meyers.
Premiere at the monitors:

Vimeo /
Youtube /

Synæsthesia @ Fylkingen (2016)

17th June 2016 / synæsthesia @ Fylkingen (Stockholm)
A selection of audiovisual performances working with a continuous feedback between what is sonic and what is optic

Ozog / Knysak (POL) – BRUTASLISTAS (ES / SE) – xname (IT / UK)

Poéticas de lo Múltiple

Poéticas de lo Múltiple / International Project Exhibition EnREDadas
15th – 24th June 2016 @ CAAC Cuenca, Spain
An initiative sponsored by UNESCO and curated by Beatriz Escribano

First Prize award for ‘Vladijenk II (The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)’ with Ceephax Acid Crew.

L.E.V. Festival · X Aniversario

30th April 2016 // L.E.V. Festival · X Aniversario
Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura project (Laboral City of the Culture), Gijon, Spain.

Datassette (UK) + Raquel Meyers (ES/SE)

Raquel Meyers, a Spanish visual artist based in Sweden, with strong links to the 8-bit scene, Pixel Art and arcade video game aesthetics, comes back to L.E.V. to create a collaboration with the prolific Datassette. Her work, triggered from two Commodore 64 computers, will be the perfect companion to Datassette’s live act. One of the strongest, weirdest and most playful acts in the audiovisual experimental scene.

net based 12.03.2016 / HeK Basel

HeK. Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel . House of Electronic Arts Basel /

KYBDslöjd / Noise my TxT
Live-performance of Raquel Meyers and Alexandra Nilsson
#Typewriter #C64 #Teletext

Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era (Nordicom, 2016)

‘Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era’/ Nordicom
This anthology, edited by Professor Hallvard Moe, University of Bergen, and Professor Hilde Van den Bulck, University of Antwerp, will fill the gap of knowledge of teletext in Europe.

Is It Just Text? / Raquel Meyers
Keywords: teletext, art, grid, text characters, brutalism, imagination, media art
Get the PDF version here!

AMaze2016 Magazine »death« / mequedomuerta cover

#mequedomuerta cover art for #AMaze2016 Magazine »death«

Klebstoff Magazin #9

PETSCII and Teletext illustrations for Klebstoff Magazin #9
The magazine contains 48 pages with over 200 peel-off stickers and digests works from over 30 artist committed to illustration, medial art, graffitti, concept art and guerilla propaganda.
Preorder here:

Release: December, 2015
Number of pages: 48. Size: ca. 15 x 15 cm. Language: English/German

Vladijenk II / Ceephax Acid Crew + Raquel Meyers (2015)

Music / Ceephax Acid Crew
From the album ‘Charismatic Integrity Slam’ (2015)
Live Type In on C64 / raquel meyers

Vimeo //
Youtube //

2nd prize SUPERNOVA Outdoor Video Animation and Art Festival, Denver, US
1st prize Poéticas de lo Múltiple / EnREDadas / CAAC Cuenca, ES

Fingers of Doom / HYPERMEDIA DREAMS @ The Wrong (again)

The Wrong (again) – New Digital Art Biennale. November 1st, 2015 to January 31st 2016 HYPERMEDIA DREAMS / Future of World Wide Web: Interactive Multimedia Interconnectedness. Curator: Haydiroket a.k.a Mert Keskin

Fingers of Doom /
Live Type In on C64 by Raquel Meyers – Audio by Dan Brännvall – Javascript by evilpaul – Noperator by Johan Kotlinski

Notes from Technotopia

Gallery II and Black Dogs presents Notes from Technotopia.
16th October – 10th December 2015
In association with Recon Festival

A group show exploring the ways in which we think or dream about the future through past and present trends in technological development. Includes work by Mika Taanila, Rudiment, The Frozen Music Collective, Giles Bailey, Shona Macnaughton, The Free Association, Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho, Martin Smith and Raquel Meyers.

NOISE my TXT (2015)

Work in progress, documented @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, 7th of October 2015.
Type In on C64 and typewriter Raquel Meyers
Electronics, Alexandra Nilsson

Watch video here:

Machete al Machote / VINDÖGA 2015

3rd october 2015 // VINDÖGA FIA-festivalen (Sandviken)
Machete al Machote feat. BRUTASLISTAS (Nilsson & Meyers)
Machete al Machote feat BRUTASLISTAS

Watch it at:

GAME OVER / Banditsagor

A play for kids from 6 years old based in a Henrik Bromander‘s story about death and video games by the theather group Banditsagor.
Director: John Hanse / Actors: Sanne Ahlqvist Boltes & Oscar Stenström / Artwork and animations: Raquel Meyers / Sound Design: Jonas Åkesson. More information at: (swedish)

Fingers of Doom / Risograph zine

Fingers of Doom / 
Raquel Meyers
 (September 2015

Risograph zine by Perfectly Acceptable


29th august 2015 / Kuben Malmö Live (Malmö)
Popkollo Malmö presents: TECHNO-DANCE PARTY at KUBEN/MALMÖ LIVE!


Artwork & visuals by Raquel Meyers.
Watch video promo here:

Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

14th August-14th September 2015
The FixC cooperative presents in collaboration with Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company, a museum of teletext-art MUTA .

Broadcast on Finnish teletext yle page 805
“Monster Girl” by Raquel Meyers / .TTV-file, 2015


5. PLATINE Festival 2015
03. – 06. August 2015
HarikaZenUp RoughBlocktronicsDivine StylersTrue School Raquel MeyersGoto80Text-ModeLordNikonsk!n/deZign

HeK@Liste Art Fair – PEBKAC IMHO

HeK@Liste Art FairPEBKAC IMHO. HeK invites four artists for a Carte Blanche to LISTE 20.
Aram Bartholl, Constant Dullaart, Raquel Meyers and Evan Roth
16.06.2015 – 21.06.2015
‘Fingers of Doom’ by raquel meyers, 2015
*music by Dan Brännvall / code by Johan Kotlinski

“35 years ORF TELETEXT” in Ars Electronica Center

16th january – 31st march 2015 // “35 years ORF TELETEXT” @ Ars Electronica Center (Linz)
ITAF 2013 and ITAF2014 are presented in the exhibition.

Artists: Daniel Egg, Dan Farrimond, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Nadine Arbeiter, Kathrin Günter, Cordula Ditz, Dragan Espenschied, Juha van Ingen, Jarkko Räsänen, Kim Asendorf, Michael Borras aka Systaime, Internet Acronyms: Anne Horel and Erkka Nissinen.

TYPE IN workshop & exhibition (LOVELACE + C4, Copenhagen, 2014)

1st-9th November 2014 // LOVELACE – POETICAL SCIENCE / Majken Overgaard and Stina Hasse
Type In / workshop & exhibition
Works by: Rosemary Lee, Raquel Meyers, Marie Forchhammer, Emilie Oksholt, Thea Sikker Remin & Ioana Grozav.

SonicGameSpace / BEK (Bergen)

BEK Residency + Group exhibition at Lydgalleriet (4th-12th October 2014)
Marieke Verbiesen, Jakob Sikker Remin & Raquel Meyers
Østre Hus for Lydkunst / BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Bergen,Norway)

SNEL HEST @ Alingsås Konsthall

6th september – 23rd december 2014 //
Konst & konstig svensk mediahistoria / Art & weird swedish media history. Group exhibition.
Alingsås Konsthall /
Aram Bartholl / Erik Berglin / Evan Roth / James Cauty / KATSU / Geraldine Juárez / Magnus Eriksson / Raquel Meyers / Yaxu – Algorave / F.A.T. – Free Art & Technology

LWLVL Festival 2014

LWLVL Festival // 22th-23th August 2014, Brooklyn, NY

KYBDslöjd visuals with Teletext and C64 /PETSCII for Bit Shifter & L-Tron
Probably the first live Teletext performance ever in the USA?

Covox / Meneo / Nullsleep / Bit Shifter / IAYD / MonsterVision / Slime Girls / Arcade High / Meishi Smile / Bubblyfish / L-Tron / Trash80 / Paza / Shirobon / Batsly Adams / Raquel Meyers / futurestack / Chromacle / Rosa Menkman / Phillip Stearns / Incredible Machines / Daniel Temkin / Mark Kleeb / Cosmic Morning / Death by Audio Arcade / VEC9

ITAF2014 in ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT, Swiss Text and ARTE Teletext

INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF2014 (14th august -14th September) in ARD Text (p.850 ->), ORF TELETEXT and ORF III Teletext (p. 470 ->), SWISS TELETEXT (p.750 ->) and arte Teletext (p.700 ->)

Teletext Art Achievement Award to artist Raquel Meyers (SWE).
Raquel Meyers was rewarded for her highly elaborated and unique style of her own; her outstanding technical expertise and ability of storytelling through the teletext format. The jury acknowledged especially how teletext art plays an integral role of her overall artistic work including embroidery and old computer technologies.

“Please Try This at Home” // Kopenlab Festival

A CITIZEN SCIENCE FESTIVAL / “Please try this at home” group exhibition
21th – 26th june 2014

Laura Beloff / Martin Malthe Borch / Paul Nicholas / Jacob Riiber / Antonio Scaffidi / Raquel Meyers / Jacob Sikker Remin / Jakob Bak / Denisa Kera / Yair Reshef / Silvia Lindtner / Erich Berger / Hackateria / Miss Baltazar / LoVid / Reprap

Thread of fate (Teletext Norns, 2014)

Enter a number from 104 to 300 to choose your destiny with teletext!
Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) by raquel meyers (2014).

friends of MEMOBLAST@Click festival

Faxxx back from the dead!
Click festival / new media and contemporary culture • 15th-17th May 2014

The fax performance Memoblast first premiered at Demoteket in 2011 and later presented at the opening of Transmediale 2013. For CLICK 2014 Artists Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 will take a step back and hand the role of creating content to anyone who wishes to fax in material. A fax machine will be hung from the ceiling and print out all incoming faxes in a continuous stream of crowdsourced imagery that pays homage to the work of Marisa Gonzalez.

text-mode.tumblr / 2012-2014
A collection of text graphics and related works, stretching back thousands of years. Textiles, BBS-graphics, poetry, mosaic, typography, and much more. Collected by Raquel Meyers and Goto80.

FULL SCREEN @ xpo gallery (Paris)

March 13 – April 4, 2014
FULL SCREEN / XPO gallery, Paris
Curated by Aram Bartholl
Vincent Broquaire / Jennifer Chan / Petra Cortright / Constant Dullaart / Oliver Laric / Sara Ludy / Raquel Meyers / Evan Roth / Rafaël Rozendaal / Paul Souviron / Addie Wagenknecht / Ai Weiwei

Europe in 8 bits (2014)

EUROPE IN 8 BITS is a documentary that explores the world of chip music, a new musical trend that is growing exponentially throughout Europe.

Үеtі Βаd ̬Ԍ̡᷂υу Р҃οlk̂a / THE YETI SOUND MACHINE (2014)

Live performance by Goto80 & Raquel Meyers
26th january 2014 // Capitaine Futur | La Gaîté lyrique

L0v3 byt3s @ NET VVORTH (2013)

ASCII + Deep Throat = Deep ASCII by Vuk Cosic in 1998
PETSCII + Love Bites + χχχ subtitles = L0v3 byt3s in 2013.

Animal Romantics / The Wrong – pl41nt3xt pavilion (2013)

The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale (2013) / pl41nt3xt pavilion, curated by a.billmiller.
Animal Romantics (2013)
An online maxi-single with visuals made in Javascript and C64 text graphics (PETSCII) made by a Raquel Meyers, evilpaul and Goto80.Feat. remixes by Limonious, Steve, The Toilet, Dr. Vector and Ljudit Andersson.


Micomonocon is a music game where monkeys try to play human acid pop. Set in a luxurious text mode environment, your mission is to prevent chaos and promote business. Do you have what it takes to be a top monkey?

Made by Raquel Meyers, Jens Nirme and Goto80 2013 for LA Game Space. Featured in Experimental Game Pack 01 along with indie game heroes such as Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy), Cactus (Hotline Miami), Chris Osborn (Bit.Trip series), Jeremy Bailey, Jeremy Douglass, Tracer & Minusbaby, Party Time! Hexcellent, and many more.

Watch video promo at

TELE F.A.T. @ Alt_Cph 13

‘TELE F.A.T.’, by Raquel Meyers 2013. Release early, often and in text-mode.
A Teletext Installation commissioned by Geraldine Juárez for F.A.T at ALT CPH / Fabrikken during the Copenhagen Art Week 2013.

run computer, run | ECONOMICS + THE IMMATERIAL

May 24th-July 13th 2013 / GLITCH (Dublin)
Curated by Nora O Murchú.

How do we give value to immaterial goods? How do we buy and sell digital images? What is the relationship between economics and digital aesthetics? How can curators and artists create new platforms and models for the creation of economic exchange? The exhibition is composed of two parts – a gallery-sited virtual show, and the online production and distribution of materially-realised limited-edition goods.

UCLA Game Art Festival 2013

May 8th 2013 / Hammer Museum (Los Angeles)
A showcase of game and game art projects.

Dansa in (C64 executable)
A story with pirates, sloths and sex told completely in text graphics. A blocky and brutal visual aesthetic synchronized with explosives, drunken funk and computer screams. All made in 44 kilobytes, to be executed by a Commodore 64 and its colourful ASCII-alternative called PETSCII. Visuals by Raquel Meyers, audio by Goto80 and coding by Johan Kotlinski.

Datagården@Art Hack Day (2013)

13 April 2013 / Art Hack Day / Larger than life / Loggen över ditt liv @ Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm.
Datagården is most likely the first installation in the world to use a custom teletext signal. It features video input, video feedback and Twitter-feeds along with custom-made graphics/text/software and C64-music.

Mind the Volcano! / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP

31st january 2013 / Raquel Meyers and Goto80
Performance Paper / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Mind the Volcano is a text-based TV-performance with a typewriter logic.

memoblast / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP

29th january 2013
Performance Paper / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP
Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Memoblast is a group performance in a fax-based office. Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 are office workers who handle the flow of information by following rituals and rules for efficiency. They work with conventional office tools such as text editors and spreadsheets to create graphics, music and memos.

Fax is a dangerous and spontaneous technology, and Memoblast is open for you.

2SLEEP1 @ CLICK 2012 (Helsingor)

Click New Media Arts Festival
Curator: Jacob Sikker Remin
30th april-5th may 2012
Kulturværftet Helsingør

Gijs Gieskes / David Gauthier / Marguerite Bromley / Elliot Sinyor / Joanna Berzowska / Sha Xin Wei /Geoffrey Lillemon / Goto80 / Raquel Meyers / Jamie Allan / Kim Asendorf / Connect / Kobe / Marcin Ignac / Marieke Verbiesen / Ole Kristensen / Sune Petersen / Vectral / Videogramo / Tristan Perich /

The 2010 TCTD Awards

The 2010 True Chip Till Death Awards ///
Best Mixed Media Work ‘Useless Yet Crucial’ (Lightrhythm Visuals)

2SLEEP1 (2011)

2SLEEP1 (2011) is a 66-minute playlist of a/v performances in text mode, designed for sleep. By Raquel Meyers and Goto80. //
Watch it here:

FILE ANIMATION – GAMES RIO 2011 (Rio de Janeiro)

12th April -08th may 2011
File | Electronic Language International Festival
Oi Futuro Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Starting from the environments and elements of games, the game animator creates new scripts, sometimes putting in contradiction the very game narrative, removing its functionality and transforming it into a new experience.

David O’Reilly / Lauren Feehery / Martin Schmidt / Mike Winkelmann / One More Production: Benjamin Darras & Johnny Alves / PeerholeCircus / Rafaël Rozendaal / Raquel Meyers / Rosa Menkman / Tea and Cheese: Liam Tate & Jamie Stanton


Bram van der Poel & Raquel Meyers
2sd-10th october 2010 / systM (Berlin)

Step into the shoes of Wh-t-v-r! and play around into the great realm of “work is never over”.
Experience an unique gameplay and find the disks and feed the dogs! Play through no levels until you reached no goals and get defeated by the great monster of “W-RKC-MPL-T-” and save no princes.The great adventure of Wh-t-v-r! is a experimental game around the person Wh-t-v-r! and explores the possibilities of alternative gameplay where no usual goals as level up, collect coins, battle enemies are met.

ERROR_H-L-D-YS* (2010)

ERROR_H-L-D-YS* 2010
av solo set by Raquel Meyers

Tags: H-L-D-YS*, random, chat, teletext, noise, glitch comunication, error, beach.

USELESS, YET CRUCIAL / selected works (2007-2010)

‘USELESS, YET CRUCIAL’ dvd release / selected works (2007-2010)
2010 / The True Chip Till Death Awards / Best Mixed Media Work /’Useless Yet Crucial’ DVD (Lightrhythm Visuals), US

“useless yet crucial” – a surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish.


June 4th- August 21th, 2010 / PLAYLIST / iMAL, Center for digital cultures and technology
Group exhibition

Playing Games, Music, Art
What happens when the emotional investment you made in your old computers brings you back to the garret where you sent them years ago? When you can’t no longer suffer to work with sophisticated machines that, while promising you more freedom, actually force you to wear the straitjacket kindly designed for you by some corporate guy? When you decide that’s time to put your hands on the machine?


TR1C3 / 7-inch (2010)

TR1C3 / 7-inch (Nuntxaku elkartea, 2010)
HxC / Grindcore / Power Violence
TR1C3 are: David Pose, Rakel Meyers, Ander Bada and Karlos (Bilbao/Sweden)
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PLAYLIST. PLAYING GAMES, MUSIC, ART/ Group show curated by Domenico Quaranta
18th december 2009–17th may 2010 / Mediateca Expandida de LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación (Gijön)
_Playlist – Playing Games, Music, Art by Regine

S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* 2.0 (2009)

S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* 2.0 (2009)
live solo set by raquel meyers
Repetition of the memory in actions is just as impossible as saying precisely what one wants … don’t take things for granted.

POLYBIUS 2.0 (2009-2010)

POLYBIUS 2.0 / live cinema based on modern myth
Goto80 & Raquel Meyers

Rubeck / Zeitgeist feat. Raquel Meyers (2008)

ZEITGEIST (Featuring Raquel Meyers) 2008

Rubeck / Zeitgeist feat. Raquel Meyers / Aquavit Records (2011)
Listen it at Spotify here

Tubular Balls & Raquel Meyers / EMPEROR’S SNUFF BOXES (2008)

July 10th 2008 / Territorio Electrico 08 / La Casa Encendida (Madrid)
EMPEROR’S SNUFF BOXES av / Tubular Balls and Raquel Meyers
A project created halfway between Madrid and Berlin, “Emperor’s Boxes” is an AV set that shows Tubular Balls (SPA) and Raquel Meyers (SPA) joining forces for a common effort. A collage of sound and image, determinated by the content of each box. 4 boxes, 4 individuals, unlimited possibilities by mixing them.


17th may -1st june 2008
’49cm’ A Collective Exhibition
Mikrogalleriet, Copenhagen

8bit klubben, goto80 (se), autoboy (se), tanja stasia schlander, hannes hoelzl (de), mikkel meyer, casper øbro, graffiti robotten hector (lab), humdinger (can), tonylight (it), :ö: (se), raquel meyers (es), elmer.o (fr), johnny rogers (us), el monstro (col), miruki (bel), hanniballade, sekitani (jp), tobi twang


New Technology Grant BilbaoArte Fundazioa 2006

‘You are a demo’ 2006. Installation by Raquel Meyers.

BilbaoArte Fundazioa 2006 EGOILEAK December 2006
BAC!06 CCCB (Barcelona) November 2006