•◊◊◊• VIDEOKILLS •◊◊◊•
20th May 2009
Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery / HOF96 (Berlin)


1. Raquel Meyers (ES):
The Emperors Snuffbox (2008), 5’15
Music : Tubular Balls
Raquel Meyers is a Spanish video artist, often using low-res graphics to create surreal imagery and eerie atmospheres.

2. Allessandro Busá:
Last Summer in Berlin Mitte (2007-8), 20’
This shortfilm tells the struggles of marginalized residents of an old tenement house in former East Berlin, in the midst of the gentrification boom in the surrounding area.

3. Betsy Dadd
Dove come rain (2008), 5’20

4. Megan McInnis
Pregnant Place,
When All Is Gold, dealing with the transition of friendships from teenage to adulthood. Moving towards adulthood, barriers began to form, parallel lives took on unpredictable paths, and these ties, once thought to be unwavering, were left to chance in each individual’s trajectory.

5. Robin Thomson (UK):
Composition No.1 single channel video (2006), 3’
Composition No.1 is a spontaneous ‘musical’ experiment using an electronic turntable and glass bottles of various sizes and measures of water as percussion.

6. Veronica Manchego (NZ):
The Disorder