USELESS, YET CRUCIAL / selected works (2007-2010)

’Useless Yet Crucial’ DVD (Lightrhythm Visuals), US

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“useless yet crucial” – a surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish. Covering the last 4 years of her works, the album exposes her unique approach to her pixel packed 8bit style. This diverse collection of works spans her collaborations with bands internationally, and her experimentation between camera and computer.

There are several strong entry points to the album, which will quickly hook viewers into a sequence of playful animations. Raquel seamlessly applies her playful aesthetic style into a variety of scenarios, and to a range of talented chiptune artists such as goto80, psilodump, and tr1c3. Colourful remixes by c-men, NO CARRIER, shantell martin and rob loren round off a full album which also includes 2 hidden tracks, a slideshow of print and photography, vj loops and an interview with Raquel.


T-SHIRTS PLAN 9 by raquel meyers (2010):

T-SHIRTS for plan9 // serie B
Release at Tokyo Blip Festival Tokyo Blip Festival 2010 and Escandinavia Blip Festival



The True Chip Till Death Awards 2010 / Best Mixed Media Work /’Useless Yet Crucial’ DVD (Lightrhythm Visuals), US





Special thanks to:

Goto80, Acid Burger, Tr1c3, Tubullar Balls, t.i.n.d, Sajama Cut, Rob Loren, Los punsetes, super anything, Paris Treantafeles, Peter Swimm, Blanca Regina, Ángel García Fernández, Jacob Sikker Remin, Alex Vgo-Phuncakes Retsis, Shantell Martin, Dan Brännvall, Julian van Aalderen, Don Miller, Chris Burke, Haeyoung Kim, Mary Ann Benedetto, Psilodump J Panic, Alice FWonderland