Thread of Fate [2014]

Enter a number from 104 to 300 to choose your destiny with teletext!

In ancient times the development of events beyond a person’s control was determined by a supernatural power. Mythological characters like the Norns rule our destiny, but today we change the fate of gods for a fate in computers. We substitute beliefs for rationality. Computers can analyze true consequences of human nature and tell us what to do, but this is a machine fantasy, a dream of the machine.We twine the thread of fate in a computer screen, into a grid who provides a framework to determine the final output.


Teletext Art Achievement Award to artist Raquel Meyers (SWE) / International Teletext Art Festival ITAF 2014, Berlin, DE

Raquel Meyers was rewarded for her highly elaborated and unique style of her own; her outstanding technical expertise and ability of storytelling through the teletext format. The jury acknowledged especially how teletext art plays an integral role of her overall artistic work including embroidery and old computer technologies.


Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) by raquel meyers (2014)
9″x 7″ Paperback, 176 Pages, Black & white #teletext and Color cover.


Thread of Fate. From Teletext to XStitch [2014]


1st -29th february 2020 // Tonalitats afectives @ Eufònic Urbà – Arts Santa Mònica , Barcelona, ES
Group exhibition. Kathy Hinde, Navid Navab & Michael Montanaro, Óscar de la Fuente, Raquel Meyers, Marc Vilanova & Sofia Crespo

26th october – 18th november 2107 // En el Exilio del Post @ CRUCE. Arte y pensamiento contemporáneo, Madrid, ES
Solo Exhibition Raquel Meyers

16th-25th september 2016 // Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Hotizon @ Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival – Le Shadok, Strasbourg, FR
Solo Exhibition Raquel Meyers

16th january – 31st march 2015 // “35 years ORF TELETEXT” Group exhibition @ Ars Electronica Center, Linz, AT

12th january – 14th february 2015 // SNEL HEST @ Osby Konsthall, SE
Group exhibition. Evan Roth, Geraldine Juárez, Raquel Meyers, Aram Barthol.

9th-14th october 2014 // SonicGameSpace @ lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO
Group exhibition. Jakob Sikker Remin, Raquel Meyers & Marieke Verbiesen

6th september-23rd december 2014 // SNEL HEST @ Alingsås Konsthall, Alingsås, SE
Group exhibition. Aram Bartholl, Erik Berglin, Evan Roth, James Cauty, KATSU, Geraldine Juárez, Magnus Eriksson, Raquel Meyers, Yaxu / Algorave and F.A.T. / Free Art & Technology

14th august-14th September 2014 // INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF2014, DE, AT, CH
Group exhibition in ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT, Swiss Text and ARTE Teletext


21th-26th june 2014 // “Please try this at home” exhibition – Kopenlab Festival, Copenhagen, DE
Group exhibition.  Laura Beloff, Martin Malthe Borch, Paul Nicholas, Jacob Riiber, Antonio Scaffidi, Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin, Jakob Bak, Denisa Kera, Yair Reshef, Silvia Lindtner, Erich Berger, Hackateria, Miss Baltazar, LoVid, Reprap

20th-22th may 2014 // Musrara Mix #14 Festival, Jerusalem, IL
Thread of Fate (Teletext Norn), live performance by raquel meyers & Niki Neecke.
Hot Pop, live performance by raquel meyers & Alma Alloro.

20th march–22th april 2014 // INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF Yle, Helsinki, FI