The Emperor’s Snuff Box [2008]

TUBULAR BALLS / Dios está en los muebles EP (2009)
Video by Raquel Meyers


23th october 2014 // EUROPEAN EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION ‘TELLING GESTURES’ @ PLAN9 – Galerie Fotografic, Praha, CZE
A subjective anthology of experimental animation films by Antonin De Bemels

12th April -08th may 2011 // File | Electronic Language International Festival @ Oi Futuro Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, BR

4th-6th June 2009 / CIMATICS: “Intermerz 2” /// TERRITORIOS DIGITALES 2009, Sevilla, ES

20th may 2009 // VIDEOKILLS #4 @ Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin, DE

1st may 2009 // CIMATICS: “Intermerz” @ LEV FESTIVAL, Gijón, ES

3rd-5th october 2008 // Square Eyes Festival, Arnhem, NL


July 10th 2008 // Territorio Electrico 08 / La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES
EMPEROR’S SNUFF BOXES av // Tubular Balls and Raquel Meyers

Project divided in 4 boxes / parts

Each box has a joint connection, a discontinuity from which its shape is created. A portrait of present as a moment with no length, where the gift ot time is refused, and we’re thrown to a disposable life. Each box invents its own rules, its level of disorder, its end, and take us to the other side of the world: a city, a landscape, or simply the hole our desires escape through.

A project created halfway between Madrid and Berlin, “Emperor’s Boxes” is an AV set that shows Tubular Balls (SPA) and Raquel Meyers (SPA) joining forces for a common effort. A collage of sound and image, determinated by the content of each box. 4 boxes, 4 individuals, unlimited possibilities by mixing them.

The collaboration between Tubular Balls and Raquel Meyers started in 2008 which the making of a video for the piece “The Emperor’s Snuff Box”, which has been shown at several festivals and galleries throughout Europe: ‘49cm’ Mikrogalleriet / Copenhagen (DN), Square Eyes Festival (Arnhem, Netherlands), Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, VIDEOKILLS #4 (Berlin), and is part of the “Intermerz” selection shown in Lev Festival (Gijon, SPA) and Territorios Digitales 2009 (Sevilla, SPA).

They made AV sets together on the basis of this video in the Territorio Electrico ’08 in La Casa Encendida (Madrid), and Freeway Club (Madrid), already expanding the undeniable possibilities of taking this common effort to live shows.

TUBULAR BALLS / Dios está en los muebles EP (2009)
for <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Noise’s sake records</a> / fNs008

God is in their fourth CDR, God is on their four tracks, God is their 21:30 minutes, <strong>God is in their included video</strong>, God is in their electronica, God is in their wires, God is in their dog, God in in their rhythms, God is in their saturations, God is in their noise, God is in this CDR.
Limited edition of 40 hand numbered copies, designed by Tubular Balls, printed in color and packaged in plastic sleeves.


1. Antilópez
2. The Emperor’s Snuff Box
3. Cuando sus puños flacos están dentro de mí, pienso en dios.
4. Que se mueran los feos
* The Emperor’s Snuff Box* video by Raquel Meyers