RAQUEL MEYERS. Residencias de animación gráfica Irudika – AC/E 2020

https://irudika.eus / https://www.accioncultural.es

Fallo del jurado:
Ganador de la residencia artística Irudika 2020 en la modalidad de animación:
«Por su propuesta radical e innovadora, utilizando técnicas obsoletas para transmitir una imagen del mañana generando una nostalgia del futuro».

ATENEA 2019 @ Las Naves (Valencia)

23rd,24th,25th october 2019 // Atenea 2019 @ Programació de Las Naves, Centre d’Innovació (Valencia)

23th october 2019 // Mesa: Prácticas en el Arte Digital y Electrónico. Manos de Mujeres.
Raquel Meyers, Alba G.Corral, Rosa Sánchez de Konic & Ramona Rodríguez

24th-25th october 2019 // Taller de Mecanografía expandida (KYBDslöjd)

ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst & Teletext Hackathon @ Ars Electronica

5th september 2019 // Teletext Hackathon, POSTCITY
6th september 2019 // Presentation “ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst”
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Nadine Arbeiter, Matthias Moos, Jarkko Räsänen, Kathrin Günter & Raquel Meyers

ORF TELETEXT & ARD Text trifft Kunst

29th August-19th September 2019
Page 840 // ORF Teletext & ARD Text

ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst Public Vote Award: Raquel Meyers, Nadine Arbeiter & Daniel Egg

ピクセル百景 (Pixel Vistas)

ピクセル百景 // Pixel Hyakkei (Pixel Vistas)
Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd

Block Party 2018: ‘Bloktoberfest’

Block Party 2018: ‘Bloktoberfest’ @ Wigan STEAM
20th-21st October 2018
Carl Attrill, Alistair Cree, Dan Farrimond, Horsenburger, Peter Kwan, Raquel Meyers, Jason Robertson

En el Exilio del Post @ CRUCE (Madrid)

26th october – 18th november 2107 // CRUCE. Arte y pensamiento contemporáneo (Madrid)
En el exilio del post, de Raquel Meyers

KYBDslöjd Workshop / She Makes Noise #03 @ La Casa Encendida

19th-20th october 2017
KYBDslöjd. Mecanografía expandida / Workshop
La Casa Encendida

Stranger Things Teletexto @ Netflix

Promo en Teletexto para Stranger Things 2 de Netflix
_¿Quieres saber cómo sigue ‘Stranger Things’? Busca en el Teletexto / Vanity Fair(2017) // spanish
_Raquel Meyers. KYBDslöjd, mecanografía expandida / inquire (2017) // spanish
_El secreto de Stranger Things que esconde la página 643 del Teletexto / VerTele!@eldiario.es (2017) // spanish
_El teletexto alberga los misterios de la nueva temporada de ‘Stranger Things’ / hipertextual (2017) // spanish

:STARS of SUPERNOVA at NXT STG Collaborative Gallery (Denver)

:STARS of SUPERNOVA at NXT STG Collaborative Gallery Sep 15, 2017 – Nov 11, 2017
Peter Burr, Faijaz Jafri, Raquel Meyers, Jeremy Couillard

WiderScreen 1–2/2017: Tekstitaide – Text Art

WiderScreen 1–2/2017: Tekstitaide – Text Art2/
Article // Keys of Fury – Type in Beyond the Scrolling Horizon

[Exhibition] Glitch: The Aesthetics of Failure

21st-30th april 2017 // The Old Courts, Wigan (UK)

Block Party 2017: Teletext is the Future

25th- 26th February 2017
The Centre for Computing History Cambridge, UK

To many, teletext is an information system, but it is also a platform for art! Teletext art was first experimented with in the 1970s, then developed throughout the ’80s and ’90s by public broadcasters. But the facility to design for teletext is now back in the hands of its original users, the general public. You are the new teletext artists!

Happy New Fear 00110010001100000011000100110111

Happy New Fear 00110010001100000011000100110111 / Stare into the Future #Teletext #greetings

Artiste en résidence au Shadok / Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2016

Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon (September 2016)
Artiste en résidence au Shadok & Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival / Video-Game and VR section exhibition curated by Esté-elle Dalleu and Arnaud Reeb.


Teletext Screenprinting for NSKEXPERIENCE / Skunkfunk

Synæsthesia @ Fylkingen (2016)

17th June 2016 / synæsthesia @ Fylkingen (Stockholm)
A selection of audiovisual performances working with a continuous feedback between what is sonic and what is optic

Ozog / Knysak (POL) – BRUTASLISTAS (ES / SE) – xname (IT / UK)

PUSH Festival 2016

11th June 2016 / PUSH Festival (Gävle, Sweden)

AKB – Andreas Tilliander/Ulf Rockis – Tomas Järmyr – MAG – Ida Lundén pres. Pygostylia – KUBOV
Visuals by Raquel Meyers & PUSH Teletext System

Der Teletext im Ersten / MUTA im ARD Text (2016)

MUTA im ARD Text
Der Teletext im Ersten / Pag 884-885
“Monster Girl” by Raquel Meyers / .TTV-file, 2015

net based 12.03.2016 / HeK Basel

HeK. Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel . House of Electronic Arts Basel
www.hek.ch / www.netbased.ch

KYBDslöjd / Noise my TxT
Live-performance of Raquel Meyers and Alexandra Nilsson
#Typewriter #C64 #Teletext

Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era (Nordicom, 2016)

‘Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era’/ Nordicom
This anthology, edited by Professor Hallvard Moe, University of Bergen, and Professor Hilde Van den Bulck, University of Antwerp, will fill the gap of knowledge of teletext in Europe.

Is It Just Text? / Raquel Meyers
Keywords: teletext, art, grid, text characters, brutalism, imagination, media art
Get the PDF version here!

Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

14th August-14th September 2015
The FixC cooperative presents in collaboration with Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company, a museum of teletext-art MUTA .

Broadcast on Finnish teletext yle page 805
“Monster Girl” by Raquel Meyers / .TTV-file, 2015

Monster Girl @ society6

Get your Teletext Monster Girl T-shirt, Tote Bag and other goodies at society6!

Vertical Interval Movement – Futura Nostra Est (2015)

Vertical Interval Movement – Futura Nostra Est (2015)
Dan Farrimond, Simon Rawles & Raquel Meyers

“35 years ORF TELETEXT” in Ars Electronica Center

16th january – 31st march 2015 // “35 years ORF TELETEXT” @ Ars Electronica Center (Linz)
ITAF 2013 and ITAF2014 are presented in the exhibition.

Artists: Daniel Egg, Dan Farrimond, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Nadine Arbeiter, Kathrin Günter, Cordula Ditz, Dragan Espenschied, Juha van Ingen, Jarkko Räsänen, Kim Asendorf, Michael Borras aka Systaime, Internet Acronyms: Anne Horel and Erkka Nissinen.

SNEL HEST / Osby Konsthall

Osby Konsthall
12th january – 14th february 2015

Evan Roth, Geraldine Juárez, Raquel Meyers, Aram Barthol.

#PixelCheer (Liverpool)

#PixelCheer, a Twitter-controlled Festive Gallery
Till 5th january 2015. Ropewalks Square (Liverpool) A project by: MCQN Ltd’s / DoES Liverpool / FACT
Works by the artists Zarino Zappia, Anthony Casey, Dan Farrimond and Raquel Meyers.

Advent Calendar @teletext40

Ya es navidad en ‪‎Teletext40‬ !!! All I want 4 xmas is ‪#‎Teletext‬ !!

With Dan Farrimond, Raquel Meyers, Frederic Cambus, Peter Kwan, Fredrik Olson, Tim Matthews, Simon Rawles, Thomas Thurman and “Pup”.

Serie B + Raquel Meyers (2015)

What happens when Raquel Meyers joins Serie B to make a Teletext installation? … Teletiesto Serie B (teletexto en viejuno)! (2sd december 2014 – 5th january 2015)
Serie B / Casco Viejo (Bilbao)

Bilaga limited editions Issue #3 (2014)

Bilaga limited editions Issue #3 / Raquel Meyers
Unique lacer-cut ‪#‎teletext‬ and a very special print edition of ‘we live in a time of monsters’

A MAZE. Magazine No.0 – Edition: Independence Amazing

Teletext Illustration for A MAZE. Magazine No.0 – Edition: Independence Amazing (2014)

SonicGameSpace / BEK (Bergen)

BEK Residency + Group exhibition at Lydgalleriet (4th-12th October 2014)
Marieke Verbiesen, Jakob Sikker Remin & Raquel Meyers
Østre Hus for Lydkunst / BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Bergen,Norway)

Teletext40 (2014)

23th september 2014, a celebration of teletext’s 40th anniversary. Teletext40 is a project by Dan Farrimond and Simon Rawles. http://teletext40.com
Check the teletext 40 art at http://teletext40.com/110/1

– ‘Welcome to the 4th dimension’ by raquel meyers

SNEL HEST @ Alingsås Konsthall

6th september – 23rd december 2014 //
Konst & konstig svensk mediahistoria / Art & weird swedish media history. Group exhibition.
Alingsås Konsthall / http://skunk.cc/profile.php?id=3908
Aram Bartholl / Erik Berglin / Evan Roth / James Cauty / KATSU / Geraldine Juárez / Magnus Eriksson / Raquel Meyers / Yaxu – Algorave / F.A.T. – Free Art & Technology

LWLVL Festival 2014

LWLVL Festival // 22th-23th August 2014, Brooklyn, NY

KYBDslöjd visuals with Teletext and C64 /PETSCII for Bit Shifter & L-Tron
Probably the first live Teletext performance ever in the USA?

Covox / Meneo / Nullsleep / Bit Shifter / IAYD / MonsterVision / Slime Girls / Arcade High / Meishi Smile / Bubblyfish / L-Tron / Trash80 / Paza / Shirobon / Batsly Adams / Raquel Meyers / futurestack / Chromacle / Rosa Menkman / Phillip Stearns / Incredible Machines / Daniel Temkin / Mark Kleeb / Cosmic Morning / Death by Audio Arcade / VEC9

ITAF2014 in ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT, Swiss Text and ARTE Teletext

INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF2014 (14th august -14th September) in ARD Text (p.850 ->), ORF TELETEXT and ORF III Teletext (p. 470 ->), SWISS TELETEXT (p.750 ->) and arte Teletext (p.700 ->)

Teletext Art Achievement Award to artist Raquel Meyers (SWE).
Raquel Meyers was rewarded for her highly elaborated and unique style of her own; her outstanding technical expertise and ability of storytelling through the teletext format. The jury acknowledged especially how teletext art plays an integral role of her overall artistic work including embroidery and old computer technologies.

Thread of Fate, the book! (2014)

Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) by raquel meyers (2014)
9″x 7″ Paperback, 176 Pages, Black & white #teletext and Color cover.
Get your copy at lulu.com for 18$.

The book contains all the teletext fates included in the project ‘Thread of Fate’, where you can choose your destiny with a teletext page! https://www.raquelmeyers.com/thread_of_fate/100.html

“Please Try This at Home” // Kopenlab Festival

A CITIZEN SCIENCE FESTIVAL / “Please try this at home” group exhibition
21th – 26th june 2014 http://kopenlab.dk/kopenlab.dk

Laura Beloff / Martin Malthe Borch / Paul Nicholas / Jacob Riiber / Antonio Scaffidi / Raquel Meyers / Jacob Sikker Remin / Jakob Bak / Denisa Kera / Yair Reshef / Silvia Lindtner / Erich Berger / Hackateria / Miss Baltazar / LoVid / Reprap

Thread of fate (Teletext Norns, 2014)

Enter a number from 104 to 300 to choose your destiny with teletext!
Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) by raquel meyers (2014).

Musrara Mix #14 Festival

20th-22th may 2014 / Musrara Mix #14 Festival – “Analog-Epilog” (Jerusalem)

Thread of Fate (Teletext Norn)(Live performance) // Teletext & PETSCII by Raquel Meyers / Music by Niki Neecke
Hot Pop (Live performance) // Music by Alma Alloro / Teletext and PETSCII by Raquel Meyers

ITAF Yle 2014

20th march – 22th april 2014 / INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF Yle
The artworks were broadcasted 20.3. – 22.4.2014. on Finnish teletext (pages 525 – 541).


Teletext Wizard (MUSW014)
Released 18th December 2013

iNFERNO bAJSKORV are: Mr. Corleone / Klas-Benny
Cover Art by Raquel Meyers

ɐʇʇɐuɐʇɐp 2013

Digital art gallery for Gothenburg #Kulturnatta 2013.

Mrs. Margaret Montreux / Kajsa Magnarsson / Geraldine Juárez / Simon Mattisson / Raquel Meyers / Siri Mandolini / Jordan Gray / Kjell Håftén / Salkinitzor / Bläckländ / Goto80 / 0c0

Kulturnatta Text-tv @KKVELECTRO

11th october 2013
Text-tv installation by Raquel Meyers.

TELE F.A.T. @ Alt_Cph 13

‘TELE F.A.T.’, by Raquel Meyers 2013. Release early, often and in text-mode.
A Teletext Installation commissioned by Geraldine Juárez for F.A.T at ALT CPH / Fabrikken during the Copenhagen Art Week 2013.


15th August – 15th September 2013 / INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF In ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT and SWISS TELETEXT www.teletextart.com
Honorary mention to Raquel Meyers for her “The journey of the sun” image series in which she shows how the low-res Teletext technology can be employed for storytelling.

Pixelarium (Computational Design)

22th-26th april 2013
Merz Akademie Sommersemester 2013 (Stuttgart)

Datagården@Art Hack Day (2013)

13 April 2013 / Art Hack Day / Larger than life / Loggen över ditt liv @ Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm.
Datagården is most likely the first installation in the world to use a custom teletext signal. It features video input, video feedback and Twitter-feeds along with custom-made graphics/text/software and C64-music.

Art Hack Day residency @ Stockholm

11th-13th April 2013 / Art Hack Day :: Larger than life / Loggen över ditt liv ::
Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm ::

Me and Goto80 (with the big support of Peter Kwan) are planning to do Teletext installation for people who have passed on. A sacred place for them to be celebrated, in text-mode, way above The Cloud. Possan join to the team!!!

Mind the Volcano! / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP

31st january 2013 / Raquel Meyers and Goto80
Performance Paper / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Mind the Volcano is a text-based TV-performance with a typewriter logic.


16th august-16th september 2012 / INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF in ARD TEXT page > 770. The International Teletext Art Festival is a FixC cooperative project in collaboration with ARD Text.
The works were shown in ARD Text on page 770 and at Pflüger68.

International Teletext Art Festival / ITAF 2012

8th march-8th april 2012 / International Teletext Art Festival ITAF (Finland)
Inspired with the 30st anniversary of Teletext in Finland, FixCcooperative had produced a International Teletext Art Festival in collaboration with YLE. http://www.fixc.fi/itaf/itaf_yle/itaf_yle.html
The artworks were shown on the YLE Teletext pages 525-545 from 8th March to 8th April.
YLE Teletext webcast.

ERROR_H-L-D-YS* (2010)

ERROR_H-L-D-YS* 2010
av solo set by Raquel Meyers

Tags: H-L-D-YS*, random, chat, teletext, noise, glitch comunication, error, beach.