September 3rd / 10 Artist Commissioned Animations:
Raquel Meyers, Michael Edwards, Heather Crank, Seishi Irimajiri, Rick Silva and Nicholas Sassoon, Sean Capone, Jenny He, Gabriela Ilijeska, Brian Yulo Ng, Chaerin Im.
Watch it here:

Night Light’s Denver, the people’s projector, was launched in late 2019. The project presents digital animations on the façade of the Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower, one of the most iconic historic buildings in downtown Denver. Denver Digerati was central to the ideation and planning of this new video-mapping infrastructure, one that utilizes dramatic projection-based technologies featured within city centers, similar to those materializing in various locations around the world. The goal is to provide a permanent, ongoing canvas, in an exciting location for animators and artists inspired by the Supernova network. Night Lights Denver offers an ongoing opportunity for artists to create new works within a non-traditional format supported through a commission program facilitated by the Denver Theatre District. For the month of Supernova, those funds have been turned over to Denver Digerati to curate a visual spectacle for public consumption that highlights the breadth of talent found in Supernova. In 2020, we have commissioned 10 artists from across the US and around the world, drawn from past Supernova festivals, including both seasoned veterans in the field as well as some of our most beloved newcomers. Ranging from 1- 2 minutes in length, the results are electrifying and will serve as leading models for this new Denver initiative for years to come.

The Embodiment of Chaos [Inattention] / Raquel Meyers