S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* 2.0 (2009)

S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* 2.0
live solo set

Repetition of the memory in actions is just as impossible as saying precisely what one wants … don’t take things for granted. With a mix of photo animations, graphics, texts and sound, S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* creates a dialogue between 3 concepts – spam, nomad and desire – advancing and growing from the middle, where you have to get to work, where everything unfolds.

Photo by Georgina Espasa

_18th october 2010 / Limbus Europae#31 (Berlin)
S*P*_*M*N*_*M*_*D*D*_*S*_*R*_* 2.0
_23th February 2010 / HOMEMADE VJ PARTY (Paris) / Homemade @ Batofar, Paris
_16th october 2009 / Homemade collectif in residency 2009 (Angoulême, France)

Le MAKI. 17 rue des Marais de Grelet 16000 Angoulême