SonicGameSpace / BEK (Bergen)

BEK Residency + Group exhibition at Lydgalleriet (4th-12th October 2014)
Marieke Verbiesen, Jakob Sikker Remin & Raquel Meyers
Østre Hus for Lydkunst / BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Bergen,Norway)

Sonic Game Space, shows works by a group of artists that are connected trough their work in early game console art. Their output spans a spectrum of forms including videos, performance & live music, sculpture & installation, often extending beyond the computer screen. Each of them using a dirent approach and aesthetic, they have in the past collaborated on- and offline. Creating works with outdated hardware, dated machinery, classic gamecosoles, instruments & user devices. Combining craft and technology with hard work, collaboration and fun.


‘Thread of Fate’
Choose your destiny with #teletext!
Raspberry Pi, VBIT, TV and remote control
By Raquel Meyers


‘we live in a time of monsters’
Commodore 64, #PETSCII typewriter animation by Raquel Meyers
music by Dan Brännvall / code by Johan Kotlinski & Phillip Linde


‘we live in a time of monsters #2’
#PETSCII prints made on C64 on lightbox
By Raquel Meyers


‘thread of fate #2’
from #teletext to #crossstitch
By Raquel Meyers


‘dangerous and spontaneous technology’
fax machine, thermal paper, print, light bulb
By Jacob Sikker Remin, Raquel Meyers and Goto80



Documental video from the project ‘Sonic Game Space‘ at BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (Bergen,Norway) by OddOne Motion Graphics.
Marieke Verbiesen, Jakob Sikker Remin & Raquel Meyers, October 2014.