SNEL HEST @ Alingsås Konsthall

6th september – 23rd december 2014
Konst & konstig svensk mediahistoria / Art & weird swedish media history
Group exhibition.
Alingsås Konsthall /

The digital revolution has created an explosion of cross-border cooperation , creativity and social contacts. The discussion of surveillance , piracy, copyrights and hacking have put Sweden on the digital map , even internationally. Can online activism giving us more freedom ?

Aram Bartholl / Erik Berglin / Evan Roth / James Cauty / KATSU / Geraldine Juárez / Magnus Eriksson / Raquel Meyers Yaxu // Algorave / F.A.T. / Free Art & Technology

Snel Hest Text-Mode: 2014
Teletext, Installation

Visitors can browse it with the remote control, just like normal teletext. Text-tv is one of the largest mass media of Sweden, with two million viewers everyday. Its short and reliable information presents a refreshing alternative to the spam freedom of the www.

The first part is the Snel Hest directory, gives an overview of the projects and the SNEL HEST exhibition. The second part shows ‘Thread of Fate’ (2014) where the visitants can choose their destiny with a teletext page; and ‘TELE F.A.T’ (Release early, often and in text-mode) (2013).


Photos by Geraldine Juárez.