Resonate Festival 2013 – Belgrade New Media Festival

21th-23th march 2013 // Resonate Festival 2013 – Belgrade New Media Festival (Belgrade)

2013 participating artists include Casey Reas, Joachim Sauter (ART+COM), Zimoun, Moritz Stefaner, Zach Gage, Golan Levin, Raquel Meyers, Anthony Dunne (RCA DI), Revital Cohen, Karsten Schmidt, Spaces of Play, Memo Akten (MarshmallowLaserFeast), Andreas Müller (Nanikawa), James Bridle, Liam Young (The Unknown Fields Division), Andreas Gysin, Greg J Smith, Kyle McDonald, Peter Kirn, Studio NAND, onedotzero and many more.

“KEYBOARD SLOYD. The joy of text-mode” Lecture
I will talk about her work with text-based graphics and animation. I type graphics with a keyboard as a form of brutalist craft, often using old machines like Commodore 64. I will show how I went from photography to text-based imagery, via 8-bit VJing.

“TOOLS or INSTRUMENTS?” with Karsten Schmidt, Greg Hermanovic, Raquel Meyers and Greg J Smith.

Screening of “Echidna, moder till alla monsters“, “Interlude” and “Hydorah