Escombro de antropoceno y ruidos de fondo @ Sección crítica: “Entre silencios” BilbaoArte

Sección crítica: “Entre silencios” @ Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa
Escombro de antropoceno y ruidos de fondo, Raquel Meyers (2020)


Digi-Kuti#57 / autumn issue
Artists in Digi-Kuti: Benjamin Bergman (FI), Bogomil Bratoev (BG), Roope Eronen (FI), Esko Heikkilä (FI), Tero Heikkinen (FI), Jellica (UK), Tim Koch (AU), Tiina Lehikoinen (FI), Ilan Manouach & Yannis Siglidis (GR), Raquel Meyers (ES), Tommi Musturi (FI), and Joonas Rinta-Kanto (FI).
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Reliquias y escombros del futuro @ AusArt Vol.8, Núm.1 (2020)

Reliquias y escombros del futuro [Relics and Rubble of the Future]
AusArt Journal for Research in Art. 8 (1) – 2020, pp. 283-293.
PDF (Spanish)

ピクセル百景 (Pixel Vistas)

ピクセル百景 // Pixel Hyakkei (Pixel Vistas)
Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd

Narcisismo tecnológico electrocutado @ AusArt Vol. 6, Núm. 2 (2018)

AusArt Vol. 6, Núm. 2 (2018) / Disidencia y Sistema/Sistema y disidencia+ + + + +
Narcisismo tecnológico electrocutado / Electroshocked techno-narcissism
PDF (Spanish)

Mecanografía expandida @ BilbaoArte Becas 2018

I’m here [for now]. Jag är här [nu iallafall]. [De momento] estoy aquí.
Mecanografía expandida, investigación artística // Project PDF (Spanish)

Flan con Napalm (Libros de Autoengaño)

‘Flan con Napalm’ de Borja Crespo & Raquel Meyers. Ed. Libros de Autoengaño (2018)
A5 / 96 pages / Color
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WiderScreen 1–2/2017: Tekstitaide – Text Art

WiderScreen 1–2/2017: Tekstitaide – Text Art2/
Article // Keys of Fury – Type in Beyond the Scrolling Horizon

En el exilio del Post / Fanzine

En el exilio del post | #postexile #PETSCII (2017)
6 años en 16 páginas.

The Masters of Pixel Art vol. 2 feat. AcidT*

Featured in “The Masters of Pixel Art” vol. 2:
Acid Terrorist’s active work with PETSCII as an art form, where the c64 is a central part of her ongoing art projects.

Klebstoff Magazine #10

Klebstoff Magazine #10
#KeysofFury #sticker #PETSCII
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_[Jeux vidéo] étapes: 231 (May – June 2016)

_[Jeux vidéo] étapes: 231 (May – June 2016) /
L’image Text #2. Héritage et Renouveau / Raquel Meyers – Fingers of Doom

Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era (Nordicom, 2016)

‘Teletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era’/ Nordicom
This anthology, edited by Professor Hallvard Moe, University of Bergen, and Professor Hilde Van den Bulck, University of Antwerp, will fill the gap of knowledge of teletext in Europe.

Is It Just Text? / Raquel Meyers
Keywords: teletext, art, grid, text characters, brutalism, imagination, media art
Get the PDF version here!

Klebstoff Magazin #9

PETSCII and Teletext illustrations for Klebstoff Magazin #9
The magazine contains 48 pages with over 200 peel-off stickers and digests works from over 30 artist committed to illustration, medial art, graffitti, concept art and guerilla propaganda.
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Release: December, 2015
Number of pages: 48. Size: ca. 15 x 15 cm. Language: English/German

Fingers of Doom / Risograph zine

Fingers of Doom / 
Raquel Meyers
 (September 2015

Risograph zine by Perfectly Acceptable

‘Den här datorn – Svensk Datorkonst 1983-2015″

‘Den här datorn- Svensk Datorkonst 1983-2015’ (2015)
Rojal förlag / Olof Essvik & Joel Nordqvist

The book gathers further interviews documents and works with and by some 40 artists, researchers, and curators who in various ways have worked with computers and art in Sweden during the last 30 years.

Bilaga limited editions Issue #3 (2014)

Bilaga limited editions Issue #3 / Raquel Meyers
Unique lacer-cut ‪#‎teletext‬ and a very special print edition of ‘we live in a time of monsters’

Thread of Fate, the book! (2014)

Thread of fate (Teletext Norns) by raquel meyers (2014)
9″x 7″ Paperback, 176 Pages, Black & white #teletext and Color cover.
Get your copy at for 18$.

The book contains all the teletext fates included in the project ‘Thread of Fate’, where you can choose your destiny with a teletext page!

The Yeti Sound Machine, the book! (2014)

8.5″ x 8.5″ Paperback, 35 Pages and full color PETSCII!
Get your copy at for 13$.

Follow the PETSCII Rabbit @ HOLO 1 (2014)

Featuring: Jer Thorp, David O’Rilley, Semiconductor, Eno Henze, Chris O’Shea, Raquel Meyers, Philip Beesley, Zimoun.

Raquel Meyers – Follow the PETSCII rabbit
Text: Kristin Tretheweyn / Photography: Mattias H. Risse

‘Fax for Folket’ Paperback book 2012

The book is a collection of faxes produced during the performance Fax & Frankering For Folket. Most of the images were made by Raquel Meyers using Commodore 64 text graphics. Others were sent in via the open fax line, mostly by anonymous senders.

The performance took place at DEMOTEKET at the Rentemestervej Library on the 9th of December 2011 in Copenhagen.

65 pages / Paperback / Black & white

USELESS, YET CRUCIAL / selected works (2007-2010)

‘USELESS, YET CRUCIAL’ dvd release / selected works (2007-2010)
2010 / The True Chip Till Death Awards / Best Mixed Media Work /’Useless Yet Crucial’ DVD (Lightrhythm Visuals), US

“useless yet crucial” – a surreal and amusing compilation of works developed by graphic artist and performer Raquel Meyers, where fighting washing machines and killer lego ducks battle it for a pixel perfect finish.