#PixelCheer (Liverpool)

#PixelCheer, a Twitter-controlled Festive Gallery
Till 5th january 2015
Ropewalks Square (Liverpool)

A project by: MCQN Ltd’s / DoES Liverpool / FACT

Works by the artists Zarino Zappia, Anthony Casey, Dan Farrimond and Raquel Meyers.

The result is an exhibition of sixteen images (50×50 pixel), with only one on display at any one time. Anyone, anywhere, can choose which one is shown by tweeting its name along with #Cheerlights or #PixelCheer. Each picture can also be customised by the standard Cheerlights method, so including a colour in your tweet (or if someone just updates the Cheerlights colour) then part of the image will change colour – it could be the baubles on the tree or the colour of FrankenSanta’s hat.


Work by Raquel Meyers.
Pic by Adrian McEwen.

Original work for the advent calendar at Teletext40

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.04.51