ORF TELETEXT & ARD Text trifft Kunst

29th August-19th September 2019
Page 840 // ORF Teletext & ARD Text

Nadine Arbeiter, Cordula Ditz, Daniel Egg, Dan Farrimond, Juha van Ingen, Joey Holder, Kathrin Günter, Raquel Meyers, Matthias Moos, Niccolò Moronato, Jarkko Räsänen, Seppo Renvall & UBERMORGEN

ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst Public Vote Award: Raquel Meyers, Nadine Arbeiter & Daniel Egg

Inattention. Teletext Thoughts on the Midlife Crises of Digital Revolution
Raquel Meyers (2019)

With a teletext character we can build everything we want without falling into excess, an open-ended form of defiance against reassurance. The tyranny of the “easy to use” and immediate gratification are just dissuasive tactics that are taking us into the dump and toward boredom. We live in the digital age and there is nobody who can be free of paradoxes, but the apocalypse is not about to come.