Myopia for the Future [2016]

Myopia for the future, demanding reward in the here and now – this provides only immediate satisfaction. This new order of speed, escape and passivity condense in the palm of your hand, interrupting, demanding. Fuck the long run!

Text composition by Type In on Commodore 64 / Raquel Meyers
Trumpet and live-electronics / Alexandra NIlsson

Exhibitions & Screenings:

1st -29th february 2020 // Tonalitats afectives @ Eufònic Urbà – Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, ES
Group Exhibition. Kathy Hinde, Navid Navab & Michael Montanaro, Óscar de la Fuente, Raquel Meyers, Marc Vilanova & Sofia Crespo

9th november 2019 // Adjusting the Lens @ Unrequited Leisure, Nashville, US
Shelby Adams, McLean Fahnestock, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Ron Lambert, Raquel Meyers

8th february-12th april 2019 // La vida se teclea @ Sala Gris, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche, ES
Solo Exhibition Raquel Meyers

10th january-18th february 2019 // UNO + 1 + … @ Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU, Bilbao, ES
Group Exhibition.

15th- 27th november 2018 // BBDW18 @ Hyperdesign. Expandir los límites del diseño, Bilbao, ES
Group Exhibition.

28th June 2018 // Myopia for the Future @ BilbaoArte, Bilbao, ES
Niklas Ström + Raquel Meyers Performance

2nd March – 22nd April 2018 // Arte Aparte X @ Centro Cultural La Carolina, Jaén, ES
Group exhibition

26th october – 18th november 2107 // En el Exilio del Post @ CRUCE. Arte y pensamiento contemporáneo, Madrid, ES
Solo Exhibition Raquel Meyers

23th september 2017 // Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival, Denver, US

23th september – 11th november 2017 // :STARS of SUPERNOVA @ NXT STG Collaborative Gallery, Denver, US
Group Exhibition. Peter Burr, Faijaz Jafri, Raquel Meyers, Jeremy Couillard

16th-25th september 2016 // Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Hotizon @ Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival – Le Shadok, Strasbourg, FR
Solo Exhibition Raquel Meyers

19th-30th september 2016 // V I R T U a L D R E a M, www
Group exhibition Curated by Haydi Roket