Musrara Mix #14 Festival

Neighborhood Exhibition
20th-22th may 2014

The festival gathers artists who have been researching the world of analog images and sounds versus the contemporary reality and digital world in which we exist and act. The art works utilize a variety of methods in order to analyze the transition from analog to digital and they describe a wide range of uses of technology, through imaginative tools and content.

Adaya Godlevsky / Alec Empire / Alexei Shulgin / Alma Aloro / Anna Konik / Anthony Antonellis / Ayelet Lerman / Bjørn Melhus / Dan Barcelo / David Szauder / Daphna Keenan / Dodi Reifenberg / Eran Nave / Eszter Szabo / Farthest South / ForReal Team / Gali Lea Blay / Grischa Lichtenberger / Guido Mar-Chaim / Jacques Dudon / Joe Pignato / Joyce Clay / Katarzyna Kozyra / Knessiyat Ha Sechel / Kohei Yoshyuki / Lotem Sayag / MAMAZA / Michal Paulina / Niki Neecke / Noa Nahari / Ola Lewin / Phototaxis / Raquel Meyers / Ryszard Wasko / Sharon Paz / Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski / Theo Jansen / Yaniv Schonfeld / Yossi Fine / Yossi Mar-Chaim / Uri Levinson

Thread of Fate (Teletext Norn)(Live performance)
Teletext & PETSCII by Raquel Meyers
Music by Niki Neecke

Thread of fate (Teletext Norn) use a complete method of craft programmed into the computer as a oblivion metaphor of our times and fate.A storytelling about technology and mythology, a weaving dystopia in text-mode on the two-dimensional regularity of the grid.

Thread of fate (Teletext Norn) is based in Teletext (Text-TV) technology and PETSCII graphics, where the Norn become the vertical blanking interval (VBIT) hide in the PAL signal of the Television and the animations are typed manually as a form of keyboard craft. The animation works symbol-by-symbol rather than frame-by-frame.


Hot Pop
Live performance
Music by Alma Alloro
Teletext and PETSCII by Raquel Meyers

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