memoblast / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP

29th january 2013 / Performance Paper / transmediale 2013 BWPWAP
Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Memoblast is a group performance in a fax-based office. Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 are office workers who handle the flow of information by following rituals and rules for efficiency. They work with conventional office tools such as text editors and spreadsheets to create graphics, music and memos.

Every day we maintain and develop rituals to keep up with the flows of information. Memoblast can be understood as a metaphor for the modern database lifestyle, where personal expression is conditioned by technology more than we like to admit.

Fax machines are ancient, but also advanced and exclusive: They produce tangible objects from telecommunications, which can be annotated and modified directly, in the flesh world. In this respect, Memoblast also demonstrates the shortcomings of modern technologies. The ability to doodle on a piece of paper and materialize it directly on the receivers’ end, has never been recreated with modern media. Fax is a dangerous and spontaneous technology, and Memoblast is open for you.

Please fax at +49 30 39787 288 (out of service)


Photos by Georgina Espasa.