lrv_currents screening program

lrv_currents screening program

GLOBAL : Lightrhythm is currently touring its 2010 screening program “current” highlighting some of the best works in the library and some unreleased contents on forthcoming releases. The program has already been screened in Melbourne, New York, Tokyo, and Paris and will premiere in London at the BFI on the 7th of May and tour with Optica festival around Europe amongst other screenings planned this summer. Please sign up to the mailing list to find out when we will make it to a cinema near you !!!

Current Program

Glitch Dubgrade – Amoeba
Transport – VJ REEL
Archi+type – Flapper 3
Birds Mid Air Heatstroke – Ben Sheppee
8 Questions -The Lightsurgeons
Ellis Jones – Kevlar
i_wd_di_4_u – Raquel Meyers
On the March – Shantell Martin
Mirmicmeme – Dubassy
Global Giraffe – Suryummy
Water for the Last Moment – Xnografikz
Parks of Fire – Scott Pagano
Farm – MMM
Lake – The Supernature

Current dates

Paris – Batofar – 12th March 2010
New York – 303 Grand – 23rd – 28th March 2010
Melbourne – Horse Bazaar – 8th April 2010
Tokyo – The Factory – 12th April 2010
London – BFI – 7th May 2010
Optica Festival – Gijon / Paris / Madrid June 23rd – June 30th 2010
Holland – Plaza Plus Festival – TBC 2010
Moscow – Cyberbrothers – TBC 2010