La vida futura se teclea [2019]

Solo Exhibition. Raquel Meyers.
08th february– 12 april 2019 // Sala Gris, Edificio Rectorado y Consejo Social. Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, ES

We live in the digital age and there is no one free of paradoxes, but the apocalypse is not yet to come. The constraints of technology are possibilities, we are the zombies, not the machines. It is not about returning to the past, moving to the forest / countryside / beach to live as hermits or reneging on any electronic gadget. It’s too late for that. Like it or not, we have a dependent relationship. If we are able to develop a kind of technological empathy, concepts such as obsolescence will tend to disappear. We must learn to use it, know how it works, speak its language. Whatever its useful life, it does not mean that it has nothing to teach us, it can even challenge us. Manual dexterity (craft) will help us in execution and imagination will become the universal language, not the corporate narrative. It is not an aesthetic question but an ethical one. Savage consumerism is combated only by opposing its dictates, from the trenches. The future is typed.



La vida futura se teclea. Raquel Meyers (2019)
Edita: Vicerectorat de Cultura
ISBN: 978-84-09-16167-6
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