Raquel Meyers, Cartagena (Spain), 1977
raquel [at] raquelmeyers dot com

She works with obsolescence using technologies like Commodore 64, Teletext, typewriters or fax mixed with photography, animation and embroidery, among other techniques. She defines her practice as KYBDslöjd [mecanografía expandida] whose significance can be defined roughly as <manual skill with a keyboard>. It is based on and refers to the typewriter, Concrete Poetry, Demoscene and Brutalism. The typewriter contributes to the execution, while poetry contributes to a system, a brutal language a hidden message. We live in a digital era and no one is free from paradoxes. Since 2004 his work has been shown in art centers, galleries and festivals such as Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Xpo Gallery, La Casa encendida, Liste Art Fair Basel, La Gaîté lyrique, Tokyo Blip Festival, Square Sounds Melbourne, Tabakalera, LABoral, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, iMAL, SeMa Nanji, VISION’R, Mapping, Piksel, Shibuya Pixel Art, LEV, MFRU, HeK, ETOPIA, Eufònic Urbà …

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Photo by Arkaitz Saiz

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Meyers, R. (2022). 불필요한 콘크리트 [Concrete Redundancy]
SeMA Nanji Residency. 48 pages, B&W, Limited Edition 100 copies.

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