Inattention [2019-2021]

‘Inattention’ is a #Teletext based animation made at the Residency Irudika 2020 and, it was finished in confinement on May 3, 2020, in Angoulême.

The future doesn’t need us, reason and life submit to the ferocity of financial mathematics, algorithms and technology. What awaits us is a techno-medieval version where all stored knowledge will be reduced to premium access or simply disappear leaving the cloud in ruins for us. The Internet is destined to collapse but its legacy will become an aestheticized version for contemplation, a full-blown ruinenwert. Humans will be reduced, rather than to relics, to techno-rubble. It will cost us a lot not to end up as the Anthropocene’s debris, but we can still resist.

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Animation_ Raquel Meyers
Music_ Hormigón playero

Residency Irudika 2020 Animation – Acción Cultural Española, AC/E, Fundación Vital Fundazioa, Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa, la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image Angoulême & Euskal Irudigileak, Bilbao, Angoulême & Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES, FR


World on Fire Second Prize @ Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2020, Denver, US

Juror remarks: Striking at the heart of nostalgia, Raquel Meyer’s 8-bit narrative style is magnetic. Experienced as an art of momentum, “Inattention” asks it’s audience to decode the essence of a female character by stretching the boundaries of visual representation. The artwork’s ability to find equilibrium and new forms implemented by corruption offers a new perspective on how to confront contemporary realities. — Livy Snyder

Artist Feature Raquel Meyers Denver Digerati > [Inattention]

シブヤピクセルア / Shibuya Pixel Art 2020 Excellent Award 「Inattention」 Raquel Meyers, Tokyo, JP

The use of teletext was unique and had a strong impact that made the work stand out among the candidates. Everything was highly original—the way the work was drawn in perspective by using different dots, the music playing in the background, and the mysterious storytelling that felt as if in a strange dream. On the other hand, we felt its raw expression to be dark and gloomy, regardless of the artist’s intentions. We would have liked to see a development in the story that betrayed this feeling to show light and hope to the audience.


ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst Public Vote Award 2019, Austria, AT
Raquel Meyers, Nadine Arbeiter & Daniel Egg

Exhibitions / Screenings:

17th march-10th april 2022 // horizons, l’exposition des auteurs en résidence @ la maison des auteurs, Angoulême, FR

17th march-13th april 2022 // Artoteka @ Centro Cultural Clara Campoamor, Barakaldo, ES

From 17th september 2021 // Denver Digerati Showcase @ Meow Wolf, Denver, US

6th april -15th may 2021 // Arte Non-nahi @ MovingArtists, Bilbao, ES

9th april – 2sd may 2021 // Inmersiones Irudika 2021 @ Fundación Vital Fundazioa, Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES

19th-22nd november 2020 // Piksel 20. The future narrow, where you don’t want to go, Bergen, NO

25th-27th september 2020 // Shibuya Pixel Art Contest 2020 Exhibition @ 8/COURT, Tokyo, JP

17th-19th september 2020 // Supernova Digital Animation Festival World on Fire, Denver, US

3rd-30th september 2020 // The Digi-Kuti Exhibition, Helsinki, FI

3rd september 2020 // Supernova NIGHT LIGHTS DENVER, US
Watch it here:

25th february – 25th may 2020 // Teletext Art 2020, TART2020 @ MUTA + YLE Teletext, Finland, FI
Museum of Teletext Art, MUTA collaborates with YLE Teletext in YLE Teletext from page 820

TART2020 is showcasing artworks from 11 international artists specifically created for the Teletext medium. The works of Nadine Arbeiter (Germany), Cordula Ditz (Germany), Daniel Egg (Austria), Dan Farrimond (Great Britain), Juha van Ingen (Finland), Kathrin Günter (Germany), Raquel Meyers (Spain), Matthias Moos (Switzerland), Niccolò Moronato (Italy), Jarkko Räsänen (Finland) and Seppo Renvall (Finland) show a wide variety of different approaches and implementations for teletext art.

The artworks of TART2020 have been first exhibited in the teletext exhibition “ORF TELETEXT meets art” resp. “ARD Text meets art”, a cooperation between ORF TELETEXT, ARD Text and the artists’ cooperative FixC, August 29th to September 19th 2019 in ORF TELETEXT and in ARD Text . The artworks have also been presented in Ars Electronica Festival Out of the Box – the Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution, Linz, 5.9.-9.9.2019.

5th-6th september 2019 // Teletext Hackathon & ORF TELETEXT trifft Kunst @ Ars Electronica, Linz, AT

29th august-19th september 2019 // ORF TELETEXT & ARD Text trifft Kunst, AT & DE
Page 840 // ORF Teletext & ARD Text

Inattention. Teletext Thoughts on the Midlife Crises of Digital Revolution
Raquel Meyers (2019)

With a teletext character we can build everything we want without falling into excess, an open-ended form of defiance against reassurance. The tyranny of the “easy to use” and immediate gratification are just dissuasive tactics that are taking us into the dump and toward boredom. We live in the digital age and there is nobody who can be free of paradoxes, but the apocalypse is not about to come.