Homemade collectif in residency 2009 (Angoulême, France)

6th – 19th october 2009 / Homemade collectif in residency 2009 (Angoulême, France)
Le MAKI. 17 rue des Marais de Grelet 16000 Angoulême
André Fèvre / A-li-ce / auderoseselavy / Céline Pelé & Lucie Domingo / Junk Food Karina & Thomas / Domitille Sanyas / Raquel Meyers

Members and guests of the Homemade collectif decided to make a residency during 3 weeks in westren France, to develop new and ongoing projects, collaborate and share audio visual performances and transdisciplinary approaches of live video and audio.

The place of the residency is called MAKI and is based inside huge spaces of an old factory which will be our video playground for those few weeks…


They will perform on the 16th and 17th of october 2009


Raquel Meyers projects in process

POLYBIUS version 1.0
The Polybius experience – Sinneslöschen (German for “sense deleting”)
A project by raquel meyers in collaboration with goto80.

The purpose of Polybius is to explore the relationship between fiction and reality by creating a feeling of losing your senses. The concept is derived from the myth about the 1980s arcade game Polybius which was said to create a sensory and cognitive deprivation in the player. By combining a mathematical styled, video manipulation and 8-bit technology we wish to create feelings of apophenia, amnesia and panic.


av solo set + net.art piece

Repetition of the memory in actions is just as impossible as saying precisely what one wants …
don’t take things for granted