HeK / Museums Night 2018 @ Keys of Fury

HeK @ Museums Night 2018

Fri, 19.01.2018, 23:00 / Keys of Fury. Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon by Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers uses Commodore 64 computers, old teletext systems and typewriters to create enchanting images in retro aesthetics.

Through her live-coding performances, Raquel Meyers creates imaginary and dystopic stories that can be read as metaphors of our digital era. She calls her work ‘KYBDslöjd’, or keyboard dexterity, while evoking an aesthetic withdrawing from architectural brutalism. Her work is also a reminder of a furious consumer society in which media technologies becomes quickly obsolete.

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HeK invites you to experience the Museums Night 18 with all your senses.
At this year’s Museums Night the future of love, as well as interactive visual and sound worlds will be shown in the form of performances, installations and workshops. Be it with an interactive kiss in the installation “E. E. G. KISS” by Karen Lancel and Hermet Maat, which transforms your kiss into sounds and visuals, or with the music performance of the Russian media artist Dimitry Morozov and the singer Anastasia Tolchneva.

Children and adults can enter the fantastic visual world of Camille Scherrer or join the DIY-Workshop “Breath-Pulse-Sound-Picture-Machine”, where heartbeats become sounds and images. Throughout the evening, German and French-speaking guided tours through the exhibition “Future Love” will be offered. The Bistro is open and sandwiches and cakes are served. The program is rounded off by a retro-esthetic live coding performance by Raquel Meyers.