friends of MEMOBLAST@Click festival

Faxxx back from the dead!
Click festival / new media and contemporary culture • 15th-17th May 2014

The fax performance Memoblast first premiered at Demoteket in 2011 and later presented at the opening of Transmediale 2013. For CLICK 2014 Artists Raquel Meyers, Jacob Sikker Remin and Goto80 will take a step back and hand the role of creating content to anyone who wishes to fax in material. A fax machine will be hung from the ceiling and print out all incoming faxes in a continuous stream of crowdsourced imagery that pays homage to the work of Marisa Gonzalez.

Please fax us at: 0045 73738010 [out of service]

If you don’t have a fax, you can try:, offers 5 free faxes. It adds an extra page with info about hellofax.
With you can send more faxes, but with advertisement in the page.
Or register for a free trial at and get your own fax number”.

More information here!