Follow the PETSCII Rabbit @ HOLO 1 (2014)

Featuring: Jer Thorp, David O’Rilley, Semiconductor, Eno Henze, Chris O’Shea, Raquel Meyers, Philip Beesley, Zimoun.

Raquel Meyers – Follow the PETSCII rabbit
Text: Kristin Tretheweyn / Photography: Mattias H. Risse
Spanish media artist Raquel Meyers tells modern day fables with technology from the past. Woven with Commodore 64 character sets, flickering in Teletext, or fed to fax machines, her world of mythical creatures and dreamlike pilgrimages is one of patience and resolve. Frame-by-frame and glyph-by-glyph, we descend into a jagged wonderland where time stands and chaos reigns.