Flan con Napalm [2018]

‘Flan con Napalm’ Borja Crespo & Raquel Meyers. Ed. Libros de Autoengaño
A5 / Paperback / 96 pages / Color / Spanish
Compra / Buy / Köpa: https://ovnibazarbizarro.com/producto/flan-con-napalm/

FLAN CON NAPALM brings together a selection of columns signed by neuron agitator Borja Crespo, illustrated by visual artist Raquel Meyers. The result is a plea in favor of personal judgment, against the current cultural apocalypse, in defense of freedom of thought. A kick to the absurd that intoxicates us, we will always be laughing at everything and everyone. An essential book in these times, where critical thinking is conspicuous by its absence.