[Exhibition] Glitch: The Aesthetics of Failure

21st-30th april 2017 // The Old Courts, Wigan (UK)

The exhibition includes works in almost any medium imaginable, and amongst others, includes; retro teletext pages said to have been “chewed by invisible gremlins”, a “microcollection” of almost invisible art fragments presented on lab slides to view under a microscope, paintings of pixelated digital photographs which explore the meeting of the digital and the analogue, and vibrant photographic and video works which embrace and celebrate TV glitches and human mistake.

Adam J Walker (UK), Amy Cecilia Leigh (UK), Ana Pastor (Spain), Anna F.C. Smith (UK), Chel Logan (UK), TeletextR (UK), Daniel Devlin (EU), Danka Nisevic (Former-Yugoslavia/UK), Deb Covell (UK), Demeter Dykes(UK), Emilia Maryniak (Poland), Helena Denholm (UK), Jacqui Priestley (UK), James Brook (USA), Joshua D’Yarbo (Nomad) , Kat Button (UK), Liberty Antonio Sadler (UK), Liz Chapman (UK), MicroCollection (UK), Nai-Fei Wu (Taiwan), Natalie Anastasiou (UK), Raquel Meyers (Sweden), Samantha Cordery (UK), ShakesmyTeeth (UK), Sonia Wynn (Ireland), Tash Lofthouse (UK)