Execute! From Sceen to Screen / Vector Festival 2017

Execute! From Sceen to Screen | Screening / Vector Festival (Ontario)
July 14, 2017 @ Artscape Youngplace
With video works by Hack’n’Trade, Peter Burr + Mark Fingerhut + Forma, Trond Michelsen, Cory Arcangel + Paper Rad (Jacob Ciocci, Jessica Ciocci, and Ben Jones), Rrrola (Jan Kadlec), Shape, Stewart Smith, Spaceballs, and Strobe

Vector co-founder Clint Enns curates an extraordinary screening that pays homage to the extravagant, edgy, and plain crazy history and continued activities of the demoscene, a loose international community of programmers, hackers and designers (originally often involved in breaking video game copy protection) who create self-contained, audio-visual code-based works that range from minuscule visual abstractions to over-the-top epics. The majority of the work will be screened from executable files, rather than video, reframing the “demo” as a micro-cinema format.

‘Fist of Trade’ feat. Hack n’Trade (2014) // Mathman + Goto80 + AcidT*