Transnumériques #6 – Festival des Cultures & Écritures Numériques 2018

22sd March – 13th may 2018 // Transnumériques #6 – Festival des Cultures & Écritures Numériques 2018 @ Musée L (Louvain)

Appearing at the Renaissance, the cabinet of curiosities integrates, an unusual and heterogeneous microcosmic view of the world according to an “indoor” scientific reproduction of it, inherent to natural history. Curated by Jacques Urbanska, in collaboration with Philippe Franck (Transcultures), this exhibition offers a selection of works by Belgian and international artists. It includes several works from private collections, such as those of Alain Servais or Hampus Lindwall. The exhibition works do not fit into traditional categories. Through various practices and aesthetics, they materialize sensitivities and poetic, distanced and conceptual… approaches.

These objects and singular artistic devices are just as much specimens of “artificiala” (a designated category of cabinets of curiosities), and they refer to objects created or modified by man, contrasting with the strangeness of nature, “naturalia”. For some, using such classification, has become much more intrinsic today, such as “scientifica” and “cyber exotica”. This project constitutes an improbable “trans-collection” which questions by freely taking the form of a curiosity cabinet in the view of our (post) digital condition.

Participants : (Be) + Fayçal Baghriche (Dz/Fr) + Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion (Fr) + Alexis Choplain (Be) + Régis Cotentin (Fr) + Heather Dewey-Hagborg (USA) + Frederik De Wilde (Be) + Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska / DISNOVATION∙ORG (Fr/Pl/Int.) + Domenico Dom Barra (It) + Verena Friedrich (De) + Haydiroket (Tr) + Taylor Holland (USA/Fr) + Thomas Israël (Be) + Li Jinghu (Chn) + JODI (Be/Nl) + Klink (USA) + LAb[au] (Be) + Eva & Franco Mattes (It/USA) + Raquel Meyers (Es) + Esra Özkavci (Tr) + Yuan Qu (Chn) + Clément Renaud (Fr) + John Robert (Be) + Elena Romenkova (Ru) + Evan Roth (USA/Fr) + Jérôme Saint-Clair (Fr) + Sholim (Srb) + Ofer Smilansky (Il/Be) + Franck Soudan (Fr/Be) + Filip Sterckx (Be) + :such: (Fr) + Tachyons+ (USA) + Alex Verhaest (Be) + François Zajéga (Be) + Mathieu Zurstrassen (Be)…