Digital Animations presented on Westin Hotel Media Facade, Denver, CO

Denver Digerati has initiated static art billboards as well as 30-second length animations for Downtown Denver’s newest LED screen on a media facade located in one of the most visible locations in the city at the corner of 16th and Arapahoe Street. The site is above Skyline Park, directly next to the historic D&F Tower, and along the 16th Street pedestrian Mall. The facade, developed by Orange Barrel Media, is the most complex so far in Denver in regards to LED placement and function, with excellent viewing positions from numerous directions. Digerati sourced select works from our commissioned animation library, works screened at SUPERNOVA 2017, as well as others sourced directly for the format of this screen.

Animations sampled are by Gregory Bennett, Peter Whittenberger, Robert Seidel, Katie Torn, Raquel Meyers, Laleh Mehran, Chris Coleman, Kendra Fleischman, Arnaud Lafond and Jan Sramek Kolouch.

The static billboards include a composition by Peter Burr commissioned by Denver Digerati for the facade, relating to his animations “Pattern Language” and “Dirtscraper.” The second composition consists of a series of mixed-media works by Denver-based artist Andrew Huffman, whose primary focus is on painting and installation-based artworks.

The project is presented in association with the Denver Theatre District, and SUPERNOVA sponsor Orange Barrel Media.