Concrete Redundancy @ Residency Platteforum [2022]

June-July 2022 // Platteforum Residency Summer, Denver, US

Concrete Redundancy is a project that combines artistic research and KYBDslöjd Poetics (KYBD is the English acronym for keyboard and slöjd, a Scandinavian word meaning manual dexterity). It is a temporary raw habitat for the times we are living. What awaits us is a techno-medieval version of the world where all stored knowledge and memory will be reduced to premium access or simply disappear leaving “the cloud” in ruins. Humans will be reduced, rather than to relics, to techno-rubble; an Anthropocene souvenir for the future. Concrete Redundancy is a tool for the struggle. Redundancy is “the state of being not or no longer needed or useful,” for example the brutalist Denver7 building soon to be demolished or, the Teletext Service used in Europe for on demand news. ‘Concrete’ is a collection of several artifacts created with obsolete technology (Typewriter, Teletext and fax) during Meyers’ 2 month Platteforum Residency in Denver.

29th july-29th august 2022 // Concrete Redundancy @ PlatteForum AIR Gallery (Denver)

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