1st may 2009

Intermerz is an ongoing curatorial experiment, reconsidering exhibition formats for single screen based video. Its behavior is inspired by the ‘pop-up’, looking for empty spots within a predefined as the Laboratory for Electronics and Visuals. But its aim is not to merge. Essentially grounded in relational aesthetics, Intermerz can never be isolated. There is no solo-show possible. The ‘exhibition’ always needs a host as setting, to which it can and will contrast through its ever mutating form and content..

A selection of 7 outstanding video-works who were shown on 7 plasma screens place in the the central area of the museum for contemporary art in Gijon (Spain). In between the videos some short clips of found footage of YouTube.

Boutique Vizique ‘Meisje’ – 2001
music by Daiphlux

Raquel Meyers ‘The Emperor’s Snuffbox’ – 2008
music by Tubular Balls

Scott Arford ‘Untitled for Televisions’ – 2003

Marcel Wierckx ‘Black Noise White Silence’ – 2008

Visual Kitchen ‘Stockhauzen feedback’ – 2009

Rosa Menkman ‘Radio Dada’ – 2008
music by Extraboy

HPI ‘166 Cubes’ – 2009

Pics by: Whiteemotion