BRUTASLISTAS [2015-2017]







BRUTASLISTAS is the name of the collaborative project between the swedish composer and performer Alexandra Nilsson and the spanish media artist Raquel Meyers.

Noise My Txt & Type my Noise. Keys & valves. Textures & modes. C64 & C13 alt.
We are Raw, we are Sharp, we are Brutal, we are BRUTASLISTAS.







12th March 2016 // net based @ HeK, Basel, CH
KYBDslöjd. Noise my TxT / Live performance Raquel Meyers + Alexandra Nilsson

7th of October 2015 //  Work in progress, documented @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE.
#Typewriter #Commodore 64 # experimental #performance #Type In #concrete

23th march 2017 // Studio Acusticum @ New directions, Piteå, SE
BRUTALNESSE // Brutalism for Big Band, composed by Alexandra Nilsson feat. Raquel Meyers (visuals).

17th June 2016 / synæsthesia @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE
A selection of audiovisual performances working with a continuous feedback between what is sonic and what is optic
Ozog / Knysak (POL) – BRUTASLISTAS (ES / SE) – xname (IT / UK)

A live performance where motion and sound are created from scratch just by Type In with a keyboard. The grid is the framework and the text characters are the instructions. A complete method of craft stored in text who uses a Commodore C64, a Typewriter and a Teletext (Text-tv) Service. Text is used unadorned and rough-cast, like concrete. A brutalist storytelling about technology. The project was premiered at ‘net based @ HeK – House of Electronic Arts’, Basel, in March 2016. BRUTASLISTAS are Raquel Meyers (ES) and Alexandra Nilsson (SE) who started their collaboration in 2015 after having played together at Ϟ ELEKTRANATTEN Ϟ in Malmö. The first result of this collaboration was ‘Machete al Machote’, premiered at VINDÖGA Festival, a live performance with real time processed trumpet, electronics and PETSCII visuals. Noise my TXT is their latest project, focusing on real time typing and processing.

3rd october 2015 // VINDÖGA FIA-festivalen, Sandviken, SE
Alexandra Nilsson aka La Capitana + Raquel Meyers feat. Machete al Machote
#Mariachitrash #performance #noise #experimental

2sd may 2015 // Ϟ ELEKTRANATTEN Ϟ / Kontrapunkt, Malmö, SE
Live VJ set for Alexandra Nilsson (La Capitana)