Animal Romantics [2013]

An online maxi-single with visuals made in Javascript and C64 text graphics (PETSCII). The song and visuals describe the construction of a monkey-dreaming sextext-lady. The user is able to insert custom text and share it with others.

Made by Raquel Meyers, evilpaul and Goto80 with remixes by Limonious, Dr. Vector, The Toilet, Steve and Ljudit Andersson.

Released by Chipflip. First presented at the Wrong Biennale.
Get the Javascript textmode library here.


The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale 2013, BR
pl41nt3xt pavilion, curated by a.billmiller.
a pavilion focused on a selection of artists whose work involvesin some way – ascii art / unicode / plaintext / textmode / text adventure / GIF – as expressions for aesthetic experience a counterpoint perhaps to contemporary emphasis on ever increasing resolutions, filesizes, networks, proprietary-ness

jonCates / jonCates / daniel temkin / raquel meyers, evilpaul, goto80 / normals / glitchr / oz melo / jeremiah johnson / noteNdo / andrew rosinski / chris ashley / stallio