A MAZE. / Berlin 2014

9th-11th April 2014 / 3rd International Video Games Festival in Berlin
A MAZE. / Berlin

Lecture “Keyboardslöjd. The joy of text-mode”
I will talk about my work with text-based graphics and animation. I types graphics with a keyboard as a form of brutalist craft, often using old machines like Commodore 64. I will show how I went from photography to text-based imagery, via 8-bit VJing.

A MAZE. Awards 2014

The international jury members are:
Henry Smith (Canada), winner of the A MAZE. Award 2013 with the game Spaceteam
Raquel Meyers (Spain), digital artist
Benedikt Hummel (Germany), game developer at Major Bueno
Jessica Curry (UK), composer and co-director of The Chinese Room game studio
Pippin Barr (New Zealand), game developer and artist who recently collaborated with Marina Abramovic

The Most Amazing Game: PERFECT WOMAN by Lea Schönfelder and Peter Lu (http://www.perfectwomangame.com)
Human Human Machine: NIDHOGG by Messhof (http://www.nidhogggame.com)
WTF!: FJORDS by Kyle Reimergartin (http://fjordsss.com)
Audience Award: CHOOSATRON by Jerry Belich (http://www.choosatron.com).

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