“35 years ORF TELETEXT” in Ars Electronica Center

ORF is organising and exhibition “35 years ORF TELETEXT” in Ars Electronica Center, Linz.
ITAF 2013 and ITAF2014 are presented in the exhibition:

On the sony cubes in the foyer of the Ars Electronica Center, Linz in the moment are the following artists/artworks:

ITAF 2013
– Daniel Egg: Dust and Scratches
– Cordula Ditz: I’m watching you
– Raquel Meyers: The journey of the sun
– Kathrin Günter: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Cabinet
– Dragan Espenschied: Lucky Cat, Netscape Now!, Sparkle

– Dan Farrimond: TXTPunk: An Alternative History of Teletext, 1914: The Teletext Engine, 1920: Ford Model TTX, 1953: The Teletext Toaster, 1968: The Teletext Pocket Calculator
– LIA: Untitled 1-5
– Nadine Arbeiter: Two is better than one
– Juha van Ingen: Sugar

On the Media facade of the AEC they show the following artworks:
– Untitled 1-5: LIA
– Sugar: Juha van Ingen
– Heinola: Jarkko Räsänen
– Preset: Kim Asendorf
– Dollars: Michael Borras aka Systaime
– omg – Internet Acronyms: Anne Horel
– Thread of Fate: Raquel Meyers
– Two Is Better Than One: Nadine Arbeiter
– 1,3,4,5,6: Erkka Nissinen

In between (until 31.01.2015) runs the text: „35 years ORF Teletext“.
The facade “show” runs daily and until February 28th from 20-21h and daily during the period from march 1st until march 31st from 22-23h.
more info: