Worldtronics 2011 / 8-BIT & CHIPTUNES (Berlin)

1st december 2011/ Worldtronics _ 8-BIT & CHIPTUNES / Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin)

The production of 8-Bit music or Chiptunes (sounds synthesized and rearranged from the sound chips of computers and game consoles), which emerged alongside the hardware used in the late 1980s, has developed into an international musical movement. While the hardware used often comes from the days when the Commodore 64 was the state of the art, the artistic approach is totally up to date. The program is being put together by the veteran 8-Bit activist Manuela Krause, also known on the scene as Manou and famed for her lo-fi pop songs.

Live Set 1: Bubblyfish NY / Marieke Verbiesen NO
Experimental Gameboy Sounds and Stopmotion Animation VJ

Live Set 2 : Disrupt (Jahtari, Leipzig) / Chacha (Shanghai)
8 bit Dub, Breakz with MC / Visuals: Raquel Meyers

Live Set 3 : Super Guachin
Gameboy Cumbia from Argentina / Visuals: Marieke Verbiesen

Live Set 4: Soom T (Renegade Master)

Patric Catani (Renegade Master) supported by MC Soom T
8bit Hip Hop, Club Punk / Visuals: Patric Catani