Үеtі Βаd ̬Ԍ̡᷂υу Р҃οlk̂a / THE YETI SOUND MACHINE (2014)

Live performance by Goto80 & Raquel Meyers
26th january 2014 // Capitaine Futur | La Gaîté lyrique

Yeti is a kind monster that travels all around the universe and visits amazing animals and creatures in space. Whenever someone has a problem they can contact him over radio, and Yeti comes with his Sound Machine. With this magical device he can solve any problem in the world. As long as he can make the right sounds.

The show presents a magical world, that is made with animated text characters and 8-bit music. Raquel Meyers and Goto80 have worked in this field for 10 years, and have developed a unique style that is far from retro and nostalgia. This is good entertainment for all ages!