Simultáneo @ Cuernavaca + Guadalajara + Göteborg

3 cities, 3 projects happening simultaneously.

Dataslöjd is taking part in Simultáneo, an online event at La Tallera, Mexico. We live-stream
performances, videos and presentations from Kulturlager Backaplan and you’re welcome to
join us at Backavägen 6. If you are interested in attending, please send an e-mail or
attend the Facebook event.

19.00 Doors open. (Please try to come before 19.30 if you can)

19.30 Live audiovisual C64-performance by Raquel Meyers and Goto80 (starts 19.30). Will be very loosely based on the ambient textmode epos 2SLEEP1. Music made completely from scratch, live in front of the audience like this.





During the evening we also show videos from the other participants of Simultáneo.


Selected by Lorena Peña Brito

My Barbarian (fundado en Los Angeles en 2000). Shakuntala DuBois, 2013 / Video 30´

Guilherme Peters. Sendo molestado por um palhaço no atelier, 2011 / Video 6´30¨

13:00 horas México / 19h:00h Göteborg. Concert | Bicephalo feat Norbeister. Edgar Cobián y Norberto Miranda

DATASLÖJD. Göteborg, Sweden
Selected by Raquel Meyers

Geraldine Juárez. Wealth Transfer, 2013. Video 1´43¨

Goto80 & Raquel Meyers. 2sleep1, 2011. Video 66´

13:30 horas México / 19h:30h Göteborg. Live Performance.

LA TALLERA. Cuernavaca, México
Selected by Violeta Solís Horcasitas

Leo Marz (México). Los mediáticos, In the Airplane Over the Snow, 2013 / Video

14:00h México / 20h:00h Göteborg. Concert | Los Crutones. Pedro Mantecón, Alberto Turu, Andres Turu y Toral.