HeK@Liste Art Fair / PEBKAC – IMHO


HeK invites four artists for a Carte Blanche to LISTE 20.
Aram Bartholl, Constant Dullaart, Raquel Meyers and Evan Roth
16.06.2015 – 21.06.2015

‘Fingers of Doom’ / Limited edition 10/10 (video) —> raquel meyers, 2015
*music by Dan Brännvall / code by Johan Kotlinski
Nostalgic‬, ‪retro‬, obsolete or ‪limited‬ are rhetoric qualities earn by constant repetition. This is the terrible fate of ‘Fingers Of Doom’, a type in animation made on Commodore 64 and built character by character rather than frame by frame. Text is used unadorned and rought-cast, like concrete. ‘Fingers of Doom’ is a brutalist storytelling about technology. A raw Imaginary in favor of a new understanding. A place for revealing instead of burying. Technology as knowledge of a skillful or artful use and not as zombies hiding in garages waiting to be reanimated or parasited.